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Crazy New Records Post

So I had intended to do a post-DEMF records post, but that never materialized. Then I got a ton of good stuff here in Pittsburgh, but that post never happened either. Last week, I made a quick but fruitful stop through NYC and picked up some good records, and now I will finally try to…

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Who You Know

One of the things that has really been getting me exited recently isn’t the dope records I’ve been buying (they are awesome though, look for a record review post from me later this week!). It’s not any specific deejay sets I’ve heard. What has been getting me pumped is the quality people doing this music….

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New mix: Summertime In The City

With Gav, Kenny, Jitterbug, and Jonny 5 all dropping seriously ill mixes over the last two weeks, I was feeling left out. Summertime is in serious effect here in the Burgh with temperatures in the 80s and 90s for the past few days and the same forecast for the next week. This kind of weather…

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