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new mix – rest of the best of 2010 part 1

People have been rightfully hassling me to sum up the best tunes of 2010, which admittedly is part of my job as a member of the ISM community. So, by way of a very late year end chart I put together a quick mix (with a second forthcoming) of my remaining favorite records of last…

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Pittsburgh Track Authority

My homeboys Adam Ratana and Preslav Lefterov (you may remember my mentioning them here) and I have been working together on a musical project for the past few months that we call Pittsburgh Track Authority. The first joints from this project will be seeing the light of day very soon through Uzuri Recordings, who have…

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listen without prejudice

  EDIT: As has been mentioned in the comments, I referenced the wrong publication – it was Jockey Slut, not Muzik, which used the blindfold gimmick. It’s all just a haze . . . . Back in the late 1990s, there existed a British dance music magazine called Muzik, which was supposed to be more ‘high…

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New Mix – The Rejected Robot

My bad luck with recording club sets continued in vein last weekend at the Lunar Disko party when we got the good ol Mac spinning wheel of death when I finished playing and we tried to cache the record before Automatic Tasty hit the stage. We had to scrap my recording to make sure we…

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Get Deep – Berlin 12/02/2011

I’m in Berlin this Saturday playing records… any ISM readers from those parts who want to come along – just get in touch and we’ll work something out… fully party details available here on RA


Kiss Me Again – London 04/02/2010

So… this Friday in London town… I will be joining the Kiss Me Again residents for a night of house, disco and drinking… By all accounts these guys throw a rocking party so it should be fun… Maybe catch some of you there Full party details available here on RA

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My Mix Archive

Greetings to all at ISM. Been a while since I posted. I moved all my mixes from the last 5 years or so into one spot over the weekend: here There’s 70 mixes in total, which adds up to about 85 hours of music. There’s bound to be a few y’all didn’t check yet. Hopefully…

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