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Juju & Jordash: Techno Primitivism

A friend of mine is of the opinion that an album doesn’t really need to exceed about 45 minutes or so in length. I’m inclined to think 60 as a better marker. Gal Aner and Jordan Czamanski would argue against either going on the latest expansive addition to their catalogue. With Techno Primitivism they have…

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NCW – Pharoah And The Goose in stores now…plus a couple of other tings…(5 years?)

Pharoah and the Goose has slowly but surely been finding it’s way into record shops over the last week or so, hence this lil heads up for anyone interested in getting their mits on it. So far, Clone, Juno, Decks, Deejay, Kristina, Crosstalk in the States, Technique and Lighthouse in Japan are amongst the bigger…

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