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Guest Mix: Lerosa- House Classics 3

Our man Leo is reaching for Scott Ferguson levels of guest mix contributions! This newest one is the third (and I believe final) in his “House Classics” series; the first one was for Real Soon’s website, and the second was for Mnml Ssgs. This one features many Chicago classics, as well as some deep NYC…

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Quick Note: Playing Records Tonight on WRCT 11PM-12AM EST

Ha, I’m reusing this WRCT picture because I’m a lazy bastard 😉 I’ve posted here before when I’ve been a guest deejay on the Friday night Re-rewind show on 88.3 FM WRCT here in Pittsburgh. Tonight is their 50th show (I must be confused about that, since I played last year in December when my…

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New Records: Everyday House Music

It’s been a damn good year for records so far; the fact that I keep posting up these epic reviews columns every couple of weeks is testimony to that. Insanity. Let’s get this one started! Back when I visited Chicago in the spring, the best discovery I made was Beautiful Granville Records. Specifically, I picked…

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Infinite State Radio

Here’s an update of the radio shows I’ve been doing over at Deepfrequency Radio, since we just completed our 6th monthly show. Show 1 with Dea Show 2 live at Space Vision with Cedric Decoster Show 3 Show 4 with Meschi Show 5 with Slim Show 6 with Jitterbug Hope you enjoy listening to them.


Luscious black wax…..

Picked up a lot of nice stuff of late, so it seems like a good time for a round-up. These are all available to buy on vinyl, from your local record emporium….. A reissue that’s well worthy of first mention, and originally only available on this holy grail 12″, is Terrence Parker’s sublime “Your Love”;…

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