About Us

We are a music blog dedicated to fighting the status quo by covering all the music we love and showing how it is all interrelated. We don’t care about popularity, just good tunes. We will provide you with our thoughts and feelings on issues we feel are important, record reviews of old and new records you won’t see reviewed elsewhere, interviews with our favorite artists and deejays, features on important people/places/labels/etc., links to other people doing cool things with music, and basically anything else we can think of that we like.

If you’d like to contact us here at infinitestatemachine, this is how to do it.

We also now have a Facebook group that you can join for ultimate ISM nerding out. Like teenage girls, we are now on Twitter as well where you can find/follow us here. We <3 the internets and teh internets <3s us. Here are some of our policies: Links - We do not automatically reciprocate links to ISM. In general, our links are for blogs and other resources that cover similar and/or related stuff that someone who reads us would probably also be into. This is not meant as a slight to anyone who isn't linked! We just wanna run a tight ship. Our links list would be crazy if we linked to every blog we read,  every label/artist that we listen to, or all of our friends! Reviews: We review and discuss things that we like. Sometimes those things are promo copies provided for free from a label or artist. Most times they are not. We will not cover and/or give good reviews to things we get for free unless they deserve it: that's how we get down. In general, we will turn down promos of any sort if they are not our kind of thing. In the case of a negative review, we only mention things that are *exceptionally* bad or notable in their badness for some reason that should be interesting to readers.