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Frank Glazer: Big pimpin’ up in NYC.


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Selected DJ mixes:

zeropressive summer heat
detroit in absentia (for ultrawizardsword.net)

a journey by train

ISM “essential mix”
tres tacos con lengua por favor

Friends and Friends of Friends

The Mercury Incident

Non-Zero Dipole Moments

Nearly 16 Feet of Soul

“essential mix”

Impossible Sunday

Zer0 Truth

IPO (2-step mix with pipecock)

That Long Lost Drum and Bass Tape – Side A
That Long Lost Drum and Bass Tape – Side B

Absolute Zer0 – Side A
Absolute Zer0 – Side B

Tracklists for all mixes are available at deejaycountzero.com

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whoism: Maurice Fulton

Whoism – the first in a series of posts dedicated to the (maybe relatively unsung) musical heroes that made us at Infinite State Machine who were are today. A quick five or so tracks per post: a classic, a lesser known tune, a recent release, etc. Sometimes it feels like people don’t really talk about…

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divisive states 1: Deodato’s “Also Sprach Zarathustra”

The first in a series of quick posts of “controversial” tunes. Eumir Deodato’s version of Also Sprach Zarathustra. Love it or hate it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDutVaWRzZk Personally, I unabashedly adore it. It’s seriously funky and ridiculously anthemic, and the production is brilliant. What’s not to love? If you hate it, suggest a tune that does what this…

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2 hour mix 4 the ravers

Quick and dirty mix I did the other night, an hour of melodic techno followed by an hour of deep house. Download here. For the ravers. 01. Pittsburgh Track Authority – Strenf – unreleased 02. Amir Alexander – The Black Rain – Argot 03. Tony Ollivierra – Stiletto – Northside District 04. Echo 106 –…

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Givin’ You the Business

A decade ago in Pittsburgh, Pipecock and I got really tired of the rave scene, which was, you know, like, a really big deal at the time, right? Tom had heard about this fellow named MJ Cole, and played me “Sincere” one night at our crib. I have to admit, I wasn’t immediately enamored, but…

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rest of the best of 2010 part 3

Annnnnd, almost finally, here’s part three of my end of 2010 wrapup that picks up quite literally where the last mix left off. I’ll post a full chart sometime in 2012 I imagine. In case you missed them, the other mixes in this series are here and here, as well as a few other places…

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new mix – rest of the best of 2010 part 1

People have been rightfully hassling me to sum up the best tunes of 2010, which admittedly is part of my job as a member of the ISM community. So, by way of a very late year end chart I put together a quick mix (with a second forthcoming) of my remaining favorite records of last…

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track IDs?

Happy New Year intrepid ISM readers! I thought I’d start the new year off with something I hope to make a lot more time for this year, and that’s bugging all you techno geniuses for track IDs. I’ve been trying to identify these two particular jams for quite some time. The first is a cut…

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a new mix and a gig this weekend

Bernardo over at the Delicious Records blog invited me to spin at his monthly party at Bistrouge in Alphabet City. I’m pretty excited about that. Hope to see all you New York readers there! Please say hello if you stop by. Also, I did a mix of mostly current and recent deep house tunes right…

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