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rest of the best of 2010 part 2

A few weeks ago I finally got around to compiling and mixing the first of what is turning out to be three Best of 2010 mixes. Yeah, it’s mid March and all the big techno blogs got their charts done in December. So? I’m not making excuses but I was actually waiting until just a couple weeks ago for orders I placed from Europe *in* December! Airmail can kiss my butt. Anyway, I promised a little more breathing room on the second mix so I tried to let the tracks play out longer. The first mix was 13 records in 60 minutes, this is 15 records in 80 minutes, but a few of them are overlapped for quite some time. Starts off with some slow burners and ends up with some more uptempo techno. Hope you enjoy! Download the mix here and the tracklist is behind the cut.

01. In Flagranti & Natalie Smash – Through a Rabbit Hole – Codek
02. Blondes – Moondance – Merok
03. Marco D Aquino – Thiago (Mark E Remix) – Bosconi Extra Virgin
04. Convertion – Love Explosion (Nocturnal Edit) – Disco Deviance
05. Adonis presents Late Invitation – Thus – Mathematics
06. Based on Kyoto – Sunrise (12” Version) – Japonica
07. Mark E – Nobody Else – Running Back
08. Jacob Korn – Mirrorflip – Dolly
09. Ibex – Ex Animo – Ibex Music
10. Arto Mwambe – Love Lift (Osborne Remix) – Brontosaurus
11. John Talabot – Sunshine (Original Mix) – Hivern Disc
12. Steven Tang – Aerial – Aesthetic Audio
13. Ibex – Inner Light – Ibex Music
14. Basic Soul Unit – Saturn – Crème Organization
15. Entro Senestre – La Caccia – WT Records


  1. kuri says:

    Frank, finally getting a chance to listen to this and realizing that the tracklist doesn’t match the mix. I hear Lone in at 43 mark. Am I missing something? I kept checking tracks against songs and thought I was delusional. Let me know what is actually on this mix. Thanks!

  2. kuri says:

    just realized I was listening to part 3. and looking at part 2 tracklist. can you say dumbass?

  3. frank says:

    got it all figured out now Kuri?

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