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Thomas Cox: causing trouble on teh interwebs since 1996, representing Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania since birth. Owner of Love What You Feel records.

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Mixes available for download (in chronological order):

Sweet Tea Mix (06-15-05)
Sweet Tea Tracklist

Chance of Severe Thunderstorms Mix (06-22-06)
Chance of Severe Thunderstorms Tracklist

Mix for Bleep 43 Webradio (10-06)
Mix for Bleep 43 Webradio Tracklist

Cold Heart Mix (02-14-07)
Cold Heart Tracklist

Mix For Lee B’s Webradio (04-19-07)
Mix For Lee B’s Webradio Tracklist

Summer Dance Party Mixx (04-30-07)
Summer Dance Party Tracklist

Dog Days Disco Mixx (08-02-07)
Dog Days Disco Tracklist

Now THAT’S What I Call Techno Mixx (10-26-07)
Now THAT’S What I Call Techno Tracklist

412 Deep Mixxx for the TAPE blog (01-03-08)
412 Deep Mixxx Tracklist

Late Late Night Mixxx (02-08-08)
Late Late Night Mixxx Tracklist

Living and Dreaming Mixxx for the Trackwerk blog (05-30-08)
Living and Dreaming Mixxx Tracklist

So Deep It Hurts Mixxx (07-12-09)
So Deep It Hurts Mixxx Tracklist

Grand Groove Guestmixxx (03-12-10)
Grand Groove Guestmixxx Tracklist

Mixxx 4 Jonny 5 (04-20-10)
Mixxx 4 Jonny 5 Tracklist

Summertime In The City (07-03-10)
Summertime In The City Tracklist

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Record Store Memories: Hypervinyl Edition

This is the first of a new series on infinitestatemachine called “Record Store Memories”. It’s a highly subjective account of my relationship with various record stores over the years, and will appear appropriately infrequently until I’ve covered all the important ones. For the first one I had to choose the record store that changed my…

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Theo Parrish Bent My Mind

And it never really got straightened back out again. I was just reminiscing on how I really got into house music thanks to the homie Rick Wade posting about his first release on Harmonie Park over on Instagram. I’ve been kind of in this mindset for a little over a year and combined with my…

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Darshan Jesrani – Mirror Test

Despite all his activity over the past few years, Darshan Jesrani is still best known for his Metro Area collaboration with Morgan Geist. This is far too bad, as he has been behind much great music, especially on the Startree label where he explores more song oriented disco under the aliases Funn City and Cylinder….

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US West Coast House Biz

A long time friend of mine, brother in music, and former Pittsburgher Vincent Intrieri has been busy over the last year. After living in Hawaii for a while, he relocated to San Diego and is now setting up shop in southern California to bring some of that Midwest style of dance music to the area….

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C Powers – Fitness Check

The man who goes by C Powers first came to my attention a few years back thanks to a nice grip of records I received from CGI Records’ owner Matt Weiner. Of the many highlights of the CGI catalog, one that stood out immediately was the C Powers EP entitled Up Neck, especially the track…

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Detroit Music 98-04

2016 has been a really strange year. Having taken some time off of social media and away from going out as well as DJing, it has given me a bit of a different perspective on things. Watching the hype machine push all these different subsubgenres that don’t mean shit made by people who have no…

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DFA Detroit

About 15 years ago, a truly wonderful deep techno record came out of the city of Detroit on the Surveillance Recordings label with a strange catalog number under the artist name DFA. This was during the time that there was the label releasing indie dance under the name DFA, as well as soulful NYC house…

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TWINS – Tassel

CGI Records out of Atlanta has been responsible for some of the biggest dancefloor killers in my deejay sets over the last year or so. Jams by C Powers (“Phoenix Down”) and Jerome (“5”) have been especially lethal. The newest one that is smashing for me has just come out on vinyl and it is…

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Siren – A/Way

Metro Area’s popularity peaked with the release of their album all the way back in 2002, but both members have continued on making excellent music together and separately ever since. Darshan Jesrani‘s output has not received the accolades that Morgan Geist’s has, but that has never been due to lack of quality. Using disco as…

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The Galleria

Morgan Geist’s newest project The Galleria is a throwback to an older sound. Unlike Metro Area’s boogie and Italo, or Storm Queen’s classic house, The Galleria mines the far less critically popular genre of Freestyle. In my Pittsburgh crew, Freestyle has never really gone away. We still play shit like Alisha, Lisa Lisa, Expose, Debbie…

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Louie Vega 2015 Edition

Continuing on with talking about some of my favorite records of 2015 so far, Louie Vega has probably had one of his best years in a hot minute. He has dropped no fewer than three absolute anthems already, and with a full album on it’s way that sounds dope from clips, there’s a possibility of…

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About a year ago, I became a columnist for Attack Magazine. It has been fun writing opinion columns and providing analysis to a very wide audience that stretches beyond the confines of the genres I participate in. When Attack approached me about doing this, their primary concern was that the column lead discussion as opposed…

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