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Thomas Cox: causing trouble on teh interwebs since 1996, representing Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania since birth. Owner of Love What You Feel records.

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Mixes available for download (in chronological order):

Sweet Tea Mix (06-15-05)
Sweet Tea Tracklist

Chance of Severe Thunderstorms Mix (06-22-06)
Chance of Severe Thunderstorms Tracklist

Mix for Bleep 43 Webradio (10-06)
Mix for Bleep 43 Webradio Tracklist

Cold Heart Mix (02-14-07)
Cold Heart Tracklist

Mix For Lee B’s Webradio (04-19-07)
Mix For Lee B’s Webradio Tracklist

Summer Dance Party Mixx (04-30-07)
Summer Dance Party Tracklist

Dog Days Disco Mixx (08-02-07)
Dog Days Disco Tracklist

Now THAT’S What I Call Techno Mixx (10-26-07)
Now THAT’S What I Call Techno Tracklist

412 Deep Mixxx for the TAPE blog (01-03-08)
412 Deep Mixxx Tracklist

Late Late Night Mixxx (02-08-08)
Late Late Night Mixxx Tracklist

Living and Dreaming Mixxx for the Trackwerk blog (05-30-08)
Living and Dreaming Mixxx Tracklist

So Deep It Hurts Mixxx (07-12-09)
So Deep It Hurts Mixxx Tracklist

Grand Groove Guestmixxx (03-12-10)
Grand Groove Guestmixxx Tracklist

Mixxx 4 Jonny 5 (04-20-10)
Mixxx 4 Jonny 5 Tracklist

Summertime In The City (07-03-10)
Summertime In The City Tracklist

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Pittsburgh Track Authority – ISM Final Mix

2013 was a busy year for me and my Pittsburgh Track Authority homies, Preslav and Adam. Each year since we started working together, we have tried to exceed the previous year’s production. This is what we accomplished this year: 6 PTA EPs Strenf EP – Work Them Records Pittsburgh Track Authority Edits Vol. 1 –…

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New Detroit Shit

As our newest writer Joseph Hallam discussed in his first post here on infinitestatemachine, the big trend in house music right now is knocking off old 90s New York and New Jersey house music. Last year, instead of the Juno “New Releases” page sounding like Kerri Chandler ripoffs, it was all Larry Heard wannabes. It…

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Guest Mix: TR One “Lessons”

TR One have been up to some serious shit. Their track “Living In, Now” from last year is a total banger that doesn’t seem to have gotten anywhere near the amount of love it should have. Of course everyone knows about “Drum Dance”, also from last year and another total jam. And they have a…

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Pittsburgh Track Authority – Record Release and Other Stuff

This Friday night in Pittsburgh, we are celebrating the forthcoming release of our new Pittsburgh Track Authority 12″ on our own new label Pittsburgh Tracks with a big party! In addition to our own performance in conjunction with synth pop group TM EYE, we have a special opening performance from Shawn Rudiman that promises to…

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Label Profile: L.I.E.S.

Despite only being around since 2010 (and the with vast majority of their releases having been this year), L.I.E.S or Long Island Electrical Systems has established itself as one of the most interesting dance music labels out there. Putting out fast paced sci-fi techno jams next to slow sample-based deep house grooves is what LIES…

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Shawn Rudiman and Claude Young Live In Pittsburgh 9-10-11

Pittsburgh has been off the hook this year! With cats like Omar-S, Ron Trent, Beautiful Swimmers, Protect-U, Donato Dozzy and many more having already played and the largeness of VIA Festival coming up next month, featuring Underground Resistance’s Interstellar Fugitives LIVE, Blondes, Pittsburgh Track Authority, Dam-Funk, East Liberty Quarters, and many many more (more on…

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Record Review: Andrés III

I’ve long been a fan of the work of Andrés; in fact, he was one of those “holy grail” type producers when I first started buying lots of house and techno a decade ago. His tracks have always been heavily sample based, but originally they were much more tracked out and minimal compared to what…

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Record Review: Steve Moore on L.I.E.S.

This is chopped out of a new records post I never finished back in the beginning of summer… Some of my favorite music recently has been coming from people of a distinctly non-dance music background. The two members of Pittsburgh prog band Zombi have both had some nice electronic releases on a bunch of labels,…

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