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ultra waggly wizard sword – live mix excerpt

Two months ago I had the esteemed pleasure of playing for the peerless* internet radio site (for lack of a better word?) ultra wizard sword. I started at around 8 PM EST on a Friday night (standard UWS start time), and expected to play for a couple hours, three at most. I didn’t really have any clear plan for the set other than to play as many of my favorite records – new and old – as I could, and to occasionally **coughcoughsloppilycoughcough** mix in some improvised Korg ER-1 Electribe drum tracks for fun. Almost 400 minutes later, after having been goaded (via the always raucous ultra-drunkie-wizard-chat) into a fourth and fifth and finally sixth hour I was exhausted from standing and finally ready to call it quits. The entire 6 hour 17 minute recording is up at the aforementioned UWS site (link above), along with a full tracklist, but I encourage you to give this excerpt a try, and to go into it without peeping the track list first. I’m confident you’ll find the experience rewarding. Download the 2 hour excerpt here. Oh, and please do check out the council of wizards Facebook page, tune in to future UWS shows, and join us (with your intoxicant of choice 😉 in the chat!

*(peerless? well, has Techno-stalwart Shawn Rudiman played a four hour live set for any other internet radio site? yeah, I didn’t think so.)

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  1. frank says:

    tracklist for bastards:

    rhythm & sound – aerial – rhythm & sound
    korg er-1 beats + montell jordan – this is how we do it (a capella) – rush associated labels
    3 chairs – all over – three chairs
    korg er-1 beats
    2deepsoul – harmony – altered moods
    louis haiman – lo ride sci fi – abstract forms
    dj yoav b – higher love – delsin
    new order – 5-8-6 (peel sessions mix) – strange fruit
    chicago skyway – d2 – eargasmic recordings
    terrence dixon – minimalism ii a2 – background
    marcellus pittman ?– unirhythm green #1 a1 – unirhythm
    adam marshall – thelon – new kanada
    alton miller – clouds are gone – deeper soul
    anaxander – moons of jupiter – love what you feel
    korg er-1 beats
    a sagittariun – wind tunnel – elastic dreams
    chicago skyway – wreckage – eargasmic
    stevie wonder – race babbling – motown
    pitsburgh track authority – archipelago – further records
    phlash – bionic – archive
    zev – tonight – hallucination limited
    petalpusher – surrender – naked music
    fred p – emotive vibration – finale sessions
    boo williams – anger – p&d
    robyn lynn – your love is good to me (john collins edit) – sweat/ur
    rollin gear – i, i know – ufg
    west 1 – fantasies of love – hot shot records

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