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summer 2011 friends and friends of friends mix

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, chances are you have already managed to hear this mix. I posted it back in July as a “secret” link shared directly only with Twitter followers, and then opened it up on my Facebook page later on. The idea behind this mix was to play mostly records that were made by or given to me by friends, but it ended up going in a slightly different direction as i filled out with quite a lot of other records too. I wanted the initial audience to be as word-of-mouth as I could keep it. I toyed with the idea of never posting it on here, and also never posting the tracklist anywhere, but people convinced me otherwise, so here you go, download it here. (right-click to “save as”, left-click to stream)

You can find the tracklist behind the cut, if you so desire.

01. Pittsburgh Track Authority – 77B – Uzuri
02. DJ W!ld – Con Leche – W
03. Scott Grooves – Crash – SGWL
04. Black Coffee feat. Tsepo – Never Saw You Coming – Seasons
05. Tal M. Klein – House on the Left (Bicep Remix) – Aniligital
06. Deep Space Orchestra – On the Inside – Winding Road
07. DJ Qu – Step Back Up – Strength
08. Tevo Howard – Arena – Tevo Howard Recordings
09. DJ Qu – Mud the Congo – Strength
10. R. Owens/L. Heard – BYOH (Migumatix Rejack) – Compost Black
11. Disco Nihilist – B2 – Love What You Feel
12. Noleian Reusse – Black Tekno EP A1 – Love What You Feel
13. Jupiter Tuning Center – Vodka Sour – Rotating Souls
14. KMFH – Xero – Wild Oats
15. Kuba Sojka – Life Choice – Mathematics

16. KMFH – Down – Wild Oats
17. East Liberty Quarters – Our Journey – Rotating Souls
18. Abstract Eye – Twinkerbelly – Valentine Connexion
19. Beth Ditto – Open Heart Surgery – Deconstruction
20. Ibex – MIDI Aura – Ibex
21. Stac – Glory (Ashley Beedle’s Vox Mix) – Wah Wah 45s


  1. kuri says:

    i got the early sneak listen on this one. nice to see some of what these tracks were. i thought for sure that Beth Ditto was an older track. that’s a pretty hot vocal.

  2. frank says:

    innnnnteresting! when did you think it was from Kuri?

  3. daragh99 says:

    seconded on the ditto track, it’s actually pretty damn funky and does a really good job of convincing you it’s from back in the day, whenever that was

  4. frank says:

    yeah, on paper the ditto track looks like complete nonsense. did anybody notice that it’s produced by the simian mobile disco guys? i typically hate their tunes, and i am not a huge fan of hers, but they really knocked it out of the park on that 12″.

  5. G3RTY says:

    Great selection of Tracks, very well put together. Respect to the Friends

  6. kuri says:

    SMD?! yuck, hate their stuff. but gotta say this is really quite good. as for era I thought it came out of, early ’80s-ish.

  7. frank says:

    i know, it’s totally bizarre. even a blind squirrel finds a nut, or something.

  8. frank says:

    thanks for listening!

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