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Happy New Year intrepid ISM readers! I thought I’d start the new year off with something I hope to make a lot more time for this year, and that’s bugging all you techno geniuses for track IDs. I’ve been trying to identify these two particular jams for quite some time.

The first is a cut off Feelgood’s side of the classic Fever: Time to Get Ill Volume 6 mixtape circa 1996. It’s the intro, in fact, and you can download it here. It would be nice to finally know what this is after 14 years of digging it.

The second track is from a live set performed somewhere in Brooklyn by Bang Goes and Styro 2000 in 2006. The track is ridiculously catchy, and features several different voice synthesizer versions of the phrase “jump rope”. It’s infectious, and you can listen to this mix where it gets played at around 12:45 min in. That mix is Galoppierende Zuversicht, by the way, aka Bang Goes and Styro 2000, the other parts of that set and many other mixes are available at the Wolf+Lamb archive. The track in question always makes me think of Grooveyard’s “Watch Me Now” or something by Ken Ishii. And I could swear the other vocal sample says “Gez Varley”, but I really don’t think it’s a G-Man track. So, help a brother out?

ETA!!! The above “jump rope” track is actually “Jumbo” by some cat calls himself Spiller. Bigups to Joel Gajewski from the 313 list for spotting it! I am removing the mp3 above and instead linking to a youtube video of the track:

Please feel free to reblog this everywhere you can so that I can make some used record dealer happy.


  1. I’m thinking the second track is either by DJ Sneak or from someone in the Henry Street Music camp. It’s not a G-Man track, although the sample does sound like ‘Gez Varley!’ to the naked ear. I’ll have to do some digging.

  2. frank says:

    Man, I’m gonna have to go ahead and disagree with you there Jason. I’ve never heard Sneak *or* Henry Street get quite that technoey, especially not recently. I could certainly be wrong, though!

  3. I can hear that the second half of the second track is a long blend with “Animism” by Guido Schneider.

  4. frank says:

    good call harpo! unfortunately, that’s not the track i am looking for 😉

    but, it might help me zero in a little. maybe?

  5. w1b0 says:

    hmm that first cut somewhat reminds me of old Neil Landstrumm (index man?) records on peacefrog. they have that minimalictic sound that Richie Hawtin helped re-invent a few year back…

    Might not be helpful at all, but here goes…

  6. Diego says:

    I just heard only the first one, I don’t really know the name but I can recognize at 3:25 aprox a drumbeat from “Junior Vasquez – X” song, I don’t know if this is a remix from that song
    good luck

  7. frank says:

    good looking out w1b0, it DOES sound very similar to the index man ep, but unfortunately not it. still, i can probably zero in on other landstrumm and/or peacefrog releases from 96 as another investigative jumping off point. thanks!

  8. frank says:

    i think the bit mixing in at the end is a different track than the one i am trying to ID. I did listen to that junior vasquez cut you mention and it does sound similar but that’s not it, but unfortunately i am more interested in the first bit. thanks for checking it out though!

  9. DJ Harry says:

    i hit up feelgood on the facebook and he said…

    “Goddman it! lol I cant rememeber what it is, but I have a feeling it’s off of RELIEF records?(Greenvelvet) Hope that helps, and I’m just trying to pull that from memory-not sure!”

    perhaps the mystery will never be solved!

  10. frank says:

    thank you sir! that dude is the worse at trying to ID tracks, for what it’s worth, i’ve emailed him several times trying to fill in blanks of old mixes of his.

  11. frank says:

    worst, that is.

  12. frank says:

    SPOTTED – thanks to Andy Stone of http://www.purple-radio.co.uk/ – the mystery Feelgood track mentioned above is C-Rock – Blubokz (Hazard Mix) – Stir15

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