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new mix – rest of the best of 2010 part 1

People have been rightfully hassling me to sum up the best tunes of 2010, which admittedly is part of my job as a member of the ISM community. So, by way of a very late year end chart I put together a quick mix (with a second forthcoming) of my remaining favorite records of last year. I say remaining because this is a supplement, of course, to the three other mixes I posted last year. I banged this out in one shot a couple weeks ago, rinsing as many tunes as I could in an hour to keep the overall feel concise and exciting. The next mix will have a little more breathing room. I should point out that in some cases I may not have actually played my favorite cut on any given 12″, but sometimes tunes just have a way of working themselves into or out of a mix by the very nature of not planning too much. Also, I should point out that the Fanon Flowers record was released in 2009. I don’t know how it snuck into the stack I pulled for this best of 2010 mix, but whatevs. Anyway, enough self-important babbling, I should let the tunes speak for themselves.

Download the mix here.

You can find the tracklist behind the cut. I’ll post a complete “year end chart” after I finish the second mix.

01. C.Beams – Thumbling – Uncanny Valley
02. Fanon Flowers – Kush Drums – Studio Sound
03. Urban Tribe – Untitled – Mahogani
04. Fanon Flowers – Acid Survival – Studio Sound
05. Vakula – I Forget (Juju & Jordash Remix) – Best Works
06. Axel Boman – Purple Drank – Pampa
07. Mock & Toof – Farewell To Wendo – Tiny Sticks
08. Luv Jam – Black Beauty – We Play House
09. Delano Smith – Ancestors (Main Mix) – Undertones
10. Bruce Ivery – Untitled – Stilove4music
11. Jerome Derradji & Rahaan – Energize Me – Stilove4music
12. Big Strick – Old E 800 (Omar S Remix) – FXHE Records
13. Big Strick – Old E 800 – FXHE Records

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