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mix for Detroit – “tres tacos con lengua por favor” and ISM’s Movement after party plans

While I was eating lunch just now (hence the name) I threw together a quick mix of tunes I want to be able to listen to in Detroit this weekend. This should be the rightlength to burn to a CD for those of you who might want to bump it in your ride.

Download it here: tres tacos con lengua por favor – a mix for detroit recorded 05-24-2012

Are any of our readers going to Detroit this weekend? The festival proper has unfortunately ceased to be very relevant to this blog or the interests of most of us in the ISM crew but the city itself, record shopping, and after parties still hold a strong appeal. Tom and I (and plenty of other Pittsburgh folk) will be there. These are the after parties we plan on hitting up:

Friday night: Prelude with Detroit Beatdown and Chicago crews
Saturday night: Deep Detroit and Soul Skate
Sunday night: the Balance Alliance and Aesthetic Audio party

It should be an awesome weekend!

BTW, You can find the tracklist to the mix behind the cut, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Pierre LX – Hypothesis (Big Strick remix) – Initial Cuts
Phillip Glass – Etoile Polaire – Virgin
Tevo Howard – Age of Compassion (Donnacha C. mix) – Buzzin Fly
K Alexi Shelby – My Sweet MF – Syncrophone
Lerosa – Slavery – Apartment
Timeline – Lottie the Body – Underground Resistance
Mark Flash – Dark Symphony – Underground Resistance
Dan Curtin – The Fugitive – Autoreply
Kebacid – Jack the Potato – Turbo
Xander Harris – Necronomiconjure – 100% Silk
Mr. Beatnick – Beneath the Reef – Don’t Be Afraid
Phlash – Bionic – Archive
TR One – Drum Dance – Apartment
Mystic Bill – The Future Beholds Tranquility – Communique
Sten – Squares – Smallville
Oasis – Thirteen – FXHE
Pittsburgh Track Authority – Untitled – Pittsburgh Tracks


  1. Dean says:

    tl looks reeeel nice!

  2. kenny says:

    enjoyed that. nice one, frank. Never had an ID on that K Alexi jam before.

  3. frank says:

    I think on the original release it might have been called “My Medusa”. He changed it for the repress or it’s a slightly different version. Either way, a killer track indeed and glad I could solve a mystery for you!

  4. ptrckrssll says:

    nice tracklisting, but I wanna know where you got those tacos….I need those! 😀

  5. I want to go to Detroit 🙁

  6. frank says:

    there’s a dope food truck under the LIRR overpass at 61st St. Woodside, Queens, NYC, USA

  7. Jason Rule says:

    Excellent mix, and a quality selection as always. Never made the Phlash = Phil Asher connection; that Bionic track is a good one to zone to.

  8. Kenny says:

    guess who found that track on a compilation in his collection this week. :/

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