whoism: Maurice Fulton

Whoism – the first in a series of posts dedicated to the (maybe relatively unsung) musical heroes that made us at Infinite State Machine who were are today. A quick five or so tracks per post: a classic, a lesser known tune, a recent release, etc.

Sometimes it feels like people don’t really talk about Maurice Fulton. Is it (somehow paradoxically?) because he’s too prolific? It’s hard to keep track of everything he does. Is it because he’s too weird? Maybe, but the vast majority of his tracks are incredibly danceable. Is it because he’s kind of ass at promoting himself, because he’s humble as? Probably. Is it because his tracks are often so surprising, so gat damn funky, that most DJs want to keep them as secret as possible for as long as possible? This must be it.

selected tunes
Problem Child – White Horse (Dr Scratch Stomp Mix) [1997]
(lesser known early era track)
Maurice Fulton – Revenge of the Orange [1999]
(former secret weapon)
Mu – Let’s Get Sick [2003]
(shout out Jwan Allen for this)
Kathy Diamond – All Woman [2006]
(trainspotted from a Todd Osborne DJ mix, ETA: similar to his remix of Alice Smith “Love Endeavour” but I like this one better)
Syclops – Where’s Jason’s K [2008]
(epic tune)
Rhye – The Fall (Maurice Fulton Alt Remix) [2013]
(for pipecock)
Syclops – Sarah’s E with Extra P [2013]
(Theo Parrish caned this for months before it was released)

Here’s a YouTube playlist:


  1. Stephen says:

    His remix of ‘Love Endeavour’ too!

    And his DJ Nori remix!

  2. frank says:

    purposefully left out Love Endeavour because it’s so similar to All Woman. 😉

    never heard the DJ Nori thing, do you mean this?

    gonna have to peep it now

  3. Dean says:

    The DJ Nori is epic. Also, the new BOOF album – how could you leave that out, Frank? How?

  4. Bash says:

    Great list! Maurice has had an exceptional career! One worth highlighting for me is Ost & Kjex Have You Seen The Moon In Dallas? (Maurice Fulton Remix)

    Also jump bugs of course by syclops

  5. SquiGGLes says:

    Great list 🙂

    Mu – Paris Hilton
    Pretty much the entirety of Boof – Shh, Dandelions at Play

  6. Paul says:

    Nice read. Really like “The E Ticket.

  7. ben mitchell says:

    love your work 🙂 looking forward to maurice Fulton’s set in perth:)

  8. peecee says:

    Like Dean says, all the Boof albums are so fucking tight. not to be taken as single tracks each album flows together in such a masterful way.

  9. peecee says:

    also the Classic: Love, Love, Love, from Those Guys, Basement Boys days

  10. baddada says:

    LOve Endeavour Remix is his career highlight for me. I picked that up on release for the flip side mixes. Had no idea what a stunner I had luckily stumbled onto with Maurice’s mix.

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