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Frank Glazer: Big pimpin’ up in NYC.


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Selected DJ mixes:

zeropressive summer heat
detroit in absentia (for ultrawizardsword.net)

a journey by train

ISM “essential mix”
tres tacos con lengua por favor

Friends and Friends of Friends

The Mercury Incident

Non-Zero Dipole Moments

Nearly 16 Feet of Soul

“essential mix”

Impossible Sunday

Zer0 Truth

IPO (2-step mix with pipecock)

That Long Lost Drum and Bass Tape – Side A
That Long Lost Drum and Bass Tape – Side B

Absolute Zer0 – Side A
Absolute Zer0 – Side B

Tracklists for all mixes are available at deejaycountzero.com

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count zero – the mercury incident

If you’re one of our stateside readers you’ll probably agree that it has been ridiculously hot lately, both in terms of weather and music. If you don’t concur, well, you’re either lucky to live somewhere pleasant but have been missing out on crazy great tunes, or like me you’re already batcrap insane from the heat….

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field report: the clubhouse

Anthony Parasole, apparently a fan of this blog, recently added me at random on Facebook. He seemed like an earnest and experienced cat so I friended him back. We chatted a bit and he invited me down to his residency at The Club House party at Greenwich Village’s Love. It had been way too long…

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winter into spring 2010 rekkids

The quantity of good new records that have come out so far this year has been completely ridiculous. Up until two weeks ago there was so much it was nearly impossible to keep up with everything. I’m going to try to run down the significant releases from the past few months, hitting you with links…

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detroit ahead

(photo courtesy kdiddy) I already mentioned this elsewhere, and I know it’s still a little early, but I’ve been cooking up a personal wish list of artists I’d like to see get booked for DEMF this year. I’m really excited for the ten year anniversary. Though there was no mention of lineup until late March…

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