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I already mentioned this elsewhere, and I know it’s still a little early, but I’ve been cooking up a personal wish list of artists I’d like to see get booked for DEMF this year. I’m really excited for the ten year anniversary. Though there was no mention of lineup until late March last year I am hoping that Paxahau and (supposedly) Carl Craig will give us some information sooner than that this year. The only alleged booking so far is the mention of way-past-his-prime Richie Hawtin pointlessly rolling out the Plastikman guise again. I should have been excited for this news because, really, who doesn’t love the Plastikman material? My guess is though that he won’t actually be playing the old tracks as they were originally recorded, but instead use all that fancy shmancy emmpeethree technology that he’s gotten addicted to and turn it into just another loops n’ EFX wankfest. And, really, fuck that noise. I care about as much about a Plastikman set as I do about the weirdos who want to get Hall and Oates booked. (For that matter, I’d almost RATHER see Hall and Oates!) Anyway, point is, I’d love to hear what ISM readers have in mind for their own personal dream lineups for Movement 2010. Here’s mine, so far:

3 Chairs
Amp Fiddler
Anthony “Shake” Shakir
Blake Baxter
Claude Young
DJ Dex aka Nomadico
Derrick Thompson
James Pennington
M. Pittman
Niko Marks
Todd Osborne (in his deep house guise)
Patrice Scott
Pirahna Head
Reggie Dokes
Rick Wade
Rob Hood
Scott Grooves
Terrence Dixon

disclaimer for sleeping heads: do note this is only my wishlist!

Anyway, here’s to hoping that DEMF 2010 is more like this:

and a lot less like this:


  1. c6h12o6 says:

    i will happily second that wishlist.

  2. pipecock says:

    no Tevo Howard on your list? i would definitely rather see hall and oates than richie in ’10!

  3. Kenny says:

    Welcome aboard frank!
    Nice list. It’s unavoidable that they are now attracting people with the European acts they bring over so if they are insisting with that they should have the likes of Surgeon, MVO3, We Play House crew, Shed and the like in there.

  4. frank says:

    word Kenny thanks for having me. good call on surgeon, wph, shed. surgeon has played several times but that’s no problem.

    geesh how could i have forgotten tevo! i guess i was concentrating on just detroit people with this list. there’s obviously more people i would like to see.

  5. clom says:

    solid list, would suggest the following to complete a dreamy lineup.

    an urban tribe reunion
    terrence parker
    mike huckaby
    kyle hall
    james pants

    and from overseas, floating points doing the live ensemble thing.

  6. Kenny says:

    I wonder what this Urban Tribe thing thats popping up is gonna be like. There was a gig on RA saying KDJ, Stingray and G Donald would be performing in Amssterdam. I posted this info on a forum to be told by someone called “urban reality” that Donald would not be performing and that the gig was not confirmed. Urban Tribe has also been booked for the Bangface Weekender with KDJ and Stingray and special guest t.b.c. But there was no info on what the show would entail. Hmmmm.

  7. pipecock says:

    you like James Pants but don’t think Dam-Funk would be another good addition?!?! or did you just forget him? he is one of the people i most want to see this year that i think actually has a chance of getting booked for DEMF.

  8. clom says:

    really really rate dam funk should probably have included him but i’ve heard some, um, let’s say mixed reports about his live show. although the prospect of hearing him drop all sorts of boogie funk nastiness would be amazing too.

  9. Kenny says:

    yeah, he was very dissapointing when he played in Dublin last year. It just didn’t work in the space, he came on too late and the energy was lost in the room. Would like to see him again, as I’ve heard of other gigs being far better.

  10. ralreece says:

    If we’re going to the euro path how about Lerosa, Redshape, Arne Weinberg, Kirk Degiorgio, Newworldaquarium, $tinkworx & Legowelt. Perhaps a separate tent! Would love to see Kuniyuki Takahashi live too…

  11. pipecock says:

    $tinkworx is from North Carolina, but i’d love to see him in there. as for the Euros who haven’t already played, definitely would like NWA, Lerosa, Arne, MVO3, We Play House crew, etc. those would all be really nice to see! it would be amazing what someone with knowledge and taste could do to DEMF…..

  12. pipecock says:

    i think a Detroit show is possibly the perfect venue for him to be on point with a deejay set of boogie. isn’t he supposed to have a band type live show together soon as well?

  13. there should be keith worthy gracing the line up too…

  14. clom says:

    absolutely, saw him and patrice scott playing back to back in croatia this summer, they beat that shit into the ground.

  15. bernardo says:

    Yeah Urban Tribe reunion would be great! If not, I’d really like to catch UR or Model 500 live as I’ve missed their performance at DEMF in the past and heard they were amazing.

    I’d like see some of the Underground Quality dudes get booked Levon Vincent, DJ Qu, Fred P etc.

    On the European side, I know I might some flack round here but Marcel Dettman, Ben Klock and Robag Whruhme do spin some mean sets on vinyl that get the heads and the kids equally going crazy…

  16. bernardo says:

    Oh yes, and Chez Damier definitely deserves an official DEMF set! His set at Kai Alce’s after party last year was ridiculous…
    Since C2 is doing the bookings and they’re both good friends I really, really hope that goes down!

  17. Kenny says:

    Whruhme played last year (as one half of Wighnomy bros) and killed it, certainly one of the highlights of the festival.

  18. Kenny says:

    it was also really funny as they played an all vinyl set on the beatport stage, and made a point of showing they were using vinyl. was highly entertaining!

  19. frank says:

    as far as Europe’s concerned i’d really like to see Wareika get booked, who are overall criminally overlooked/underrated. also, i wonder if donato dozzy will get booked. everybody loves that dude.

    as for underground quality, i have some complaints but agree ed and crew would be nice to see.

    my complaints are that ed puts too many records out rather than concentrating on only the cream of the crop, and that he charges an arm and a leg for shipping when you buy direct as a consumer.

    oh, also, i’ll see your dam funk and raise you a meyer hawthorne.

  20. I went to the very first and second DEMF, so my wishes have already been granted…

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