Guest Mix – Tr One / Eddie Reynolds

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And so we come to The Never-Ending Story part 305, or something like that. Here is the latest in our Final mixes (we are nearly there, I think) series. We said that we would be getting some old friends on board to help yet this is actually the first mix Eddie has done solo for us. Actually, I’m pretty sure  this is the only solo mix of his online. Eddie is, of course, one half of production/dj team Tr One – the strong, silent type, I believe is the term – who’ve been on the up since the blog started. And this week sees their latest music hit the stores on a heavyweight compilation from the excellent Photic Fields out of Netherlands. They feature alongside Lerosa, Aroy Dee, BNJM, Metropolis and Perseus Traxx, it’s some good bizness.

Tr One also headline the Airbound weekender taking place across London town this weekend; an all Irish affair, details of which can be found here

Eddie has cut us off with a smooth collection of deep techno and housw, old and new. Dig it.


Leif – Dinas Oleu (Fear Of Flying)

Maurizio – M6A (Maurizio)

Jitterbug – No Presure (Dj Qu Remix)

Steffi – DB011 (Dolly)

John Barera + Will Martin – Unknown Factor (Supply)

Oliver Ho – Lunar (Light and Dark)

John Thomas – Jeff’s Song (Logistic Records)

Leif – Fortune (Fear Of Flying)

Shakers and Dreamers – This land is your land (D1 recordings)

Octave One – DayStar Rising (430 West)

Disco Nihilist & Daetron Vargas – Untitled (Construction Paper)

Omar S – Amalthea (FXHE Records)

Arrtu ft. Jerry The Cat – Nuclear Funk (Clone Royal Oak)

Kai Alce – World Causes (NDATL)

Chaser – Tall Stories (Pooleys “Lars from Mars” Mix) (Soma)

Moodymann – No (Mahogani Music)

Gene Hunt – Tazz (Lumberjacks in Hell)

Soundstream – Inferno (Soundstream)


Live – Magic Mountain High @ Tape @ Trouw, Amsterdam, February 2014

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5673_360_252_90_s And so we near ever closer to the end. For any long time readers of the site you’ll knew we’ve got mad love for Juju & Jordash. In a world of copycats, hasbeens and never-will-bes these guys are the real deal. We asked them to help close out the site and they’ve obliged with a nice lil exclusive for us.

To those who have followed their career trajectory you’ll be aware that for a couple years they have been teaming up with the inimitable Dave Moufang, aka Move D to become Magic Mountain High. Don’t let the name fool you, they aren’t a prog rock tribute act, instead the 3 of them team up for live, totally improvised performance (plus a few releases), wherein they plug in a load of boxes, guitars, keyboards and what not and just go for it. It’s a lot of fun to watch and to dance to; when they slowly lock into the groove, when it nearly all falls apart and when it just bangs.

So, here we have one of their MMH live recordings, fresh off the mixing desk. Recorded live @ Tape night @ the basement of Trouw, Amsterdam Feb 28th, 2014.

It’s STREAMING ONLY, so no asking for a download. This is at request from the guys.

For the nerds, here’s the gear used: Anyware Instruments Tinysizer / Doepfer Dark Time / DX11 / Juno 60 / SH101 / Poly800II / BassBot / Pocket Piano / Gibson SG / TR-909 / TR-707/ TR-606 / MFB 522 / EHX looper.

And finally: Magic Mountain High want to thank the TAPE AMSTERDAM crew for having us and creating the vibe. Olf (Interstellar Funk), Jeroen and the rest of the TAPE crew BIGUPS! FB page:

farewell and thanks

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I don’t have much to say other than to extend a huge thank you to Tom and Kenny for including me in the past several years of blogation. It was fun. Sorry I didn’t post more, hopefully this mix will make up for it. Right click the butler to download the mix. If you guys need me I’ll be here, here, and here.

Mix: Still Sleeping

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still sleeping

Final one from me. Shouts to anyone who enjoyed the last 6-7 years. Thanks to all who gave us mixes. Contrary to what Jay Daniel thinks we did it to give exposure to music and Djs we thought deserved it, not because they owed us anything. And special thanks to Tom for having me on here. I’ve made some great friends doing this and I probably wouldn’t have a label if it wasn’t for being involved in it.

Download – Still Sleeping

Andras feat. Oscar S. Thorn – Running Late

Heatsick – Dream Tennis (Willie Burns Remix)

Factory Aire – B.O.Y. (Atom Tm Remix)

Antoni Maiovvi – Midnight Wolves

Emile Strunz – Deception

Ma Spaventi – The Jungle

Daywalker + CF – Easter

John Heckle – Back Alley Terminator

The Superior Inferior – A Bit Much Confusion

New Jackson – Of A Thousand Leaves

Absolute – Absolute House

Paperclip People – 4 My Peepz

Ken Ishii – Misprogrammed Day (Dj Q Remix)

Kirk Degiorio – Nairobi (Carl Craig Remix)

Wild Planet – Move-ment

Analog Chronicles – Preacher (Church Remix/Dj Skurge)

Scape One – Migration

Annie Hall – Sky Watcher

Donato Dozzy & Brando Lupi – Metal Slave

Ever Vivid – Once

Another Incomprehensive Review of 2013

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Well aren’t they all? This one is no different. Here’s a slightly long, slightly scatty rundown of what went on in music for me in 2013. I’ve always enjoyed doing this and it’s probably what I’ll miss the most about ISM. So away we go… (more…)

Pittsburgh Track Authority – ISM Final Mix

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2013 was a busy year for me and my Pittsburgh Track Authority homies, Preslav and Adam. Each year since we started working together, we have tried to exceed the previous year’s production. This is what we accomplished this year:


Strenf EP – Work Them Records
Pittsburgh Track Authority Edits Vol. 1 – Pittsburgh Track Authority
April Boogie EP – Rotating Souls EP
Now’s Tomorrow EP – The Harmony Society
Haywire EP – Work Them Records
Allegheny Acid | Primitive Rhythms – Pittsburgh Tracks 003

One collaborative track with Anaxander

Candy Stand Pt. 2 (w/ Anaxander) – Got2Go Records

One remix

Bicycle Beat “Pornography (Pittsburgh Track Authority Remix)” – Beat Machine Records

Our labels released five records total. Aside from the three PTA joints already listed, we also dropped Love What You Feel 005 featuring jams by Santiago Salazar, Lerosa, Moonstarr, and Jason Fine, as well as a split rock 12″ by local bands Outsideinside and Old Head.

Eight podcasts

Pittsburgh Track Authority Full Extension Vol. 1
Pittsburgh Track Authority Full Extension Vol. 2
Hush House Mix #040
Addicted Podcast #17
Same Same But Gold #021
Hear Not Here (all forthcoming PTA and Love What You Feel jams)
Live from Nonline London
DJ Broadcast 242

The PTA show hit the road in 2014 with many great local and regional shows, as well as two tours of Europe which saw us play at Panorama Bar, Renate, and Farbfernseher in Berlin, Nonline in London, and Le Bootleg Club in Bordeaux, France.

We had our music covered by many publications including Resident Advisor, SPIN Magazine, DJ Mag, Mixmag, Six Axle, Pittsburgh Magazine, XLR8R, Little White Earbuds, and more.

And on top of all of that, we were hustling full time all year long on a variety of other projects that will see the light of day in 2014: Model Human 12″ on PGHTRX, the debut record by Raw Ten – our collaboration with Nic Offer of !!!, a number of sick releases forthcoming on LWYF by artists both known and unknown, a PTA remix of Lux & Edwards’ “I’ve Still Got Sunshine” for Young Robots, the first PTA album, and some other big projects that must remain unnamed for now.

I’d like to wish a heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported us and our musical endeavors this year, from all the labels we worked with and all the promoters we played for, to the people who bought our music, and especially all the deejays playing our tracks. I can promise that our hustle will be stepped up next year, and it will be our biggest year yet!

We had never done a PTA mix for infinitestatemachine, so we had to jump in with one for this series of final mixes. I hope you enjoy it!

Download the mix HERE.

Pipecock’s Picks for 2013

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I’ve been doing some form of year-end lists for a while now. The approach I take is always the same, and it is based on nothing other than music I loved and loved to play during that year. I don’t care about whether a record is rare and worth a lot of money, or easily accessible and cheap to get. I am not coming at dance music from an “outsider” perspective, I’ve been doing this for a long time now. I am not really swayed by how hyped something is in the media, so most of these records will be ones that are not familiar from other year end lists. This list is numbered, but don’t take that to mean much. Number 40 is not far off in quality from number 1! Some of the rankings will include more than one record by the artist, this way it will be reflected if they have more than one jam that belongs on the list without taking up more than one place. The music included here will all be worth checking out if you haven’t already heard it, with YouTube videos or Soundcloud links embedded for ease of use. Also, no reissues will be included here, only music that was released for the first time in 2013. It was tough to narrow it down as there was a lot more good music than this, but when I think back to this year these are the jams that pop into my head. Let’s get into it…

Infinite States Can Never Decay: Jonny5

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So the blog is ending and this is my last mix to be posted here…

Casting my mind back to the start of the project, I was very excited that Tom had asked me to contribute. The feeling that you can connect with people across the world purely through the shared love of music resonated with me. Not only could we as contributors continue to share our passion for great music with each other, but we could share it with the world at large. We are part of the first generation where this has been so easy.

I contributed plenty of mixes. I never found it easy to talk about music in words. Better to let the music do the talking, the words could never truely capture how I really felt. Nevertheless I enjoyed reading the thoughts of all the contributors here.

Over the last year or so I have been distracted from the blog in developing my Blindsign project. Hopefully I will finally get some Blindsign records out next year, if I can get my act together.

This is not the beginning of the end, it is only the end of the beginning…

…Infinite States Can Never Decay

Download Mix

Mix features some tracks by Streetwalker, D’Marc Cantu, Leisure Connection, Phantom Love, The Stranglers, Die Form, Hard Corps and more..

Guest Mix: Lerosa

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And so we move on to the next of our Final mixes. Lerosa has been a good friend and mix contributor for us here since the early days. In fact the first time I ever met him was to do this interview around 5 years ago (!). He’s not only given us mixes but also a free track (check the interview) and both myself and Tom have since gone on to release his music. So it goes without saying that he would pop up again on this page before we closed it.

He’s provided us with a party mix of (mainly) Italo, which can be viewed as a follow up to this mix for Six Axle, and I think the connection is quite fitting. One of the reasons we are shutting down ISM is that we simply don’t have the hunger to be constantly posting week in/week out any more. We still have the hunger for the music but the upkeep of the blog is something we just don’t focus our energies on anymore. The Six Axle guys are constant, informative and do have that hunger and is a site I can’t recommend enough if you enjoyed what we did here.

Anyways, huge thanks to Lerosa for this mix and all the rest he’s done for us over the years.

Download here


Nanette – In the Heat of the Night
Fox the Fox – Precious Little Diamond (remix)
Zwischenfall – Flucht
Duke Lake – Dance Tonight
Camaro’s Gang – Fuerza Mayor
I.M.S.– Dancing Therapy
The Hasbeens – Keep Fooling Yourself
Dharma – Plastic Doll
Mirage – Just One More Chance
Ghecko – Firelight (Flemming Dalum Remix)
Image – Hotstuff
I.M.S – Runaway
Mario Moretti – Safety Station
Angie Care – Your Mind
Klapto – Mister Game (Alden Tyrell Remix)
Data – Blow
Veronique – Come to Me
Koto – Visitors
Los Angeles TF – magical body
Anarchic System – Pop Corn

Mix: May Contain Disrobing

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My latest mix is for the website based out of Budapest in Hungary. Some killer new bits from Lumigraph, Lerosa, John Heckle/Mick Wills plus a couple of cuts from the new Apartment 12″ which dropped this week, featuring Phantom Planet Outlaws & Tr One. Some of my favourite cuts of the year and a few older bits n bobs make up the rest of it.

If we have any readers in Budapest I’m gonna be playing records on the 23rd November at Alarm w/ Crimson and Chrom. 

You can grab the mix over at their site. 

Gary’s Gang – Makin’ Music (Dub)
Hot Streak – Bodywork
Dj Rahaan – Dirtyboyz
Koto – Jabdah
The Superior Inferior – Echelon XIII
Dj Overdose – Sandokan
John Heckle – Back Alley Terminator (Mick Wills remix)
Container – Treatment
Tr One – Viceroy-9c
Frank B – Chain of Fools (Lumigraph’s 909 Assasination Remix)
Moonstarr – Complications
Anaxander – Moons of Jupiter
The Philadelphia Experiment – (re)Moved (Oba Funke Far Re-moved dub)
Phantom Planet Outlaws – HTG
Mark Forshaw – Flying High
Pharaohs – Replicant Mood
Jordan GCZ – Crybaby J (dub mix)
Lerosa – Some Things Endure
Fancy & Spook – Hideous Dwarf
Drive Me Home – Blah Blah Blah (Machinedrum remix)

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