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Scott Grooves – Parts Manager

Summertime is always inspiring to me as a deejay. I lean towards more melodic and beautiful music which lends itself to sunny days and warm nights. It’s always refreshing to find one of those epic and uplifting house/techno crossover jams that will smash a dancefloor every time. So far this summer, none has done it…

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Timothy Blake

Now that we’ve made our acquaintances again its time to get stuck in. Timothy Blake is a Berlin based (where else you may ask) Dubliner who hasn’t let his location get in the way of making some wonderfully loose-limbed funk of the electronic kind. He’s been on the radar of some of us in Ireland…

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Mix: Still Sleeping

Final one from me. Shouts to anyone who enjoyed the last 6-7 years. Thanks to all who gave us mixes. Contrary to what Jay Daniel thinks we did it to give exposure to music and Djs we thought deserved it, not because they owed us anything. And special thanks to Tom for having me on…

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