Mix: May Contain Disrobing

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My latest mix is for the ikz.hu website based out of Budapest in Hungary. Some killer new bits from Lumigraph, Lerosa, John Heckle/Mick Wills plus a couple of cuts from the new Apartment 12″ which dropped this week, featuring Phantom Planet Outlaws & Tr One. Some of my favourite cuts of the year and a few older bits n bobs make up the rest of it.

If we have any readers in Budapest I’m gonna be playing records on the 23rd November at Alarm w/ Crimson and Chrom. 

You can grab the mix over at their site. 

Gary’s Gang – Makin’ Music (Dub)
Hot Streak – Bodywork
Dj Rahaan – Dirtyboyz
Koto – Jabdah
The Superior Inferior – Echelon XIII
Dj Overdose – Sandokan
John Heckle – Back Alley Terminator (Mick Wills remix)
Container – Treatment
Tr One – Viceroy-9c
Frank B – Chain of Fools (Lumigraph’s 909 Assasination Remix)
Moonstarr – Complications
Anaxander – Moons of Jupiter
The Philadelphia Experiment – (re)Moved (Oba Funke Far Re-moved dub)
Phantom Planet Outlaws – HTG
Mark Forshaw – Flying High
Pharaohs – Replicant Mood
Jordan GCZ – Crybaby J (dub mix)
Lerosa – Some Things Endure
Fancy & Spook – Hideous Dwarf
Drive Me Home – Blah Blah Blah (Machinedrum remix)

Guest Mix: Barry Donovan, Lunar Disko Records

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So a few weeks ago we made a small announcement on facebook and twitter about the blog, that we would be wrapping it up over the coming months. We decided as a send off to not go for any big fanfare, just to get some friends and members of the site to contribute mixes for us. We thought it would be in the spirit of the blog to do this instead of trying to reign in some big names that had no association with us. We were always about pushing stuff that we believed in over what we thought would get us more page hits, so why change now.

Barry first did a mix for us around 4 years ago when the label he co-runs (along with Andy Doyle), Lunar Disko Records, was still in it’s infancy. It has continued to go from strength to strength since then and it’s latest record is about to drop in the next month. The guys discovered Submersible Machines a few years ago and put out his debut release back in 2010, to huge acclaim. it’s taken quite some time for the follow up to emerge but it’s been worth the wait, with the Texan delivering a sleek 5-track ep touching on house, techno and electro in his own unique style. You can check out the samples here. 

Back to the mix; Barry has been one of the most highly regarded djs in Ireland for many years and this mix shows why. Clocking in at nearly 2 hours it’s a smooth and superbly structured blend of techno, electro and house featuring a cut off the new Submersible Machines 12″ amongst killer jams by Baby Ford, Americhord, D’marc Cantu, Novamen and what not. Dig it.

Download here

Dog Day Afternoon

Nacho Patrol – Sword Of The Lambda  [Minimal Rome]
Phuture 303 – Blackout (2001 Pt.1)  [Music Man]
Allen Wright – Sexual Primates  [Muzique]
Hott aka I-f – Unknown  [Bunker Atlantikwall]
LNR – It’s A Mystery To Me  [House Jam Records]
D’Marc Cantu – Size and Shape  [Creme Organization]
Mantra – From Beyond  [Bunker]
Tr-One – Viceroy-9c  [Apartment]
Americhord – Sunray  [D1]
Literon – Machine I  [Fortek]
Baby Ford + Eon – Dead Eye  [Plus 8]
Taho – Forest Of Wonders  [Delsin]
Phantom Planet Outlaws – HTG  [Apartment]
Pierre Phantasy Club – Fantasy Girl (Acid Mix)  [SRO]
Brian Juno – La Vie Signification  [Muzique]
DJ Nasty – Electrifying Mojo  [Subject Detroit]
Novamen – Not The Man I Used To Be  [Murder Capital]
Cybonix – Shake Yo Body [Frustrated Funk]
DJ Technician – My Beat Is Monster  [Bunker]
DJ Overdose – Drift Away [Monotone]
CN – Intravenous [Central Processing Unit]
Submersible Machines – Data Flows [Lunar Disko]
EOD – Cytoarchitecture  [Rephlex]
D.I.E – Other People [Clone]
Ditone – Infoporn [Tabernacle]
Two Lone Swordsmen – Sex Beat (Remix)  [Warp]
Fatjack – Time 4 Jack  [Automatik-Datamatik]
Chris & Cosey – Fantastique (Carl Craig Remix) [T&B]
Nimoy – Pigeon Is My Prey  [Bunker]

Video: Tr One – Huguenot Burial Ground 1733 / New Apartment Bizness

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It’s kinda been an age since I’ve talked about new music on here, and now that I am it’s all a bit whorish but hey, this is how the blog rolls from time to time.

What we have here is the new video created by cfmeister for a brand new cut by Tr One. This track is gonna be coming out later this month on my Apartment imprint. It’s part of a split 12″ single titled The Muscle, The Beets that will feature the Irish duo plus Phantom Planet Outlaws, a Liverpool trio which consists of John Heckle, Mark Forshaw and Binny, who are all pretty darn good producers in their own right! This release is a no-nonsense 4 tracker of techno, techno and more techno.  Taking in old school influences such as AFX, Robert Hood and Underground Resistance it’s something I’ve been excited about getting out there for some time. This is raw and sometimes brutal techno, brimming with an energy both groups channel through via their reams of machines. Some samples below.  Hope ya dig.

Guest Mix: Ian Martin, Further / Panzerkreuz Records

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Not as well known as some of his Dutch counterparts who have emerged over the last 15 years from labels such as Bunker and Strange Life, Ian Martin has been existing on the fringes of that scene for a while now. With the help of Seattle based Further Records he has garnered some more attention most notably via the eerie brilliance of 2012′s Mechanical Rain LP. Since then Panzerkreuz have re-released his work that originally featured on this 12 vinyl box set as 2 single releases, a heavy mixture of ambient and slo-mo beat focused synth workouts. Electronic music stripped down to it’s essentials – he uses a bare minimum of equipment for each project – there is an enticing amount of depth within his work. His latest effort, The Wanderer comes via ISM cohort Meschi’s tape label, Elephant Recordings. He’s delivered us a weird and wonderful mix of suitably odd ball selections, from the likes of Fad Gadget, Clatterbox and Telex. Do it.


RAY COSMIC – You Better Keep Goin


PERFEKT DEFECT – Geradio Tonkium

SURVIVE – Black Mollies

CLATTERBOX – Low Maintenance

DMX CREW – Dydramol Theme

FAD GADGET – Arch Of The Aorta

DAVID ROTTMEYER – Repeat Madication (Electronome rmx)


ENDFEST – Exodus

TAPENADE – Untitled


TELEX – I Want Your Brain

Video: Lerosa – Decisions

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Finally got to put the label’s first music video online this week. Created by irish artist Sibyl Montague, it for Decisions by Lerosa. Stuck on the B2 of the record, I felt it was a lil bit over-looked at the time. It’s one of my favourite Lerosa cuts, and was the first track I got from him that I definitely knew would be getting pressed up. Video is a nice tripped-out accompaniment to the rugged euphoria of the song.


Guest Mix: NCW – Child Of The Deep Inferno

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It’s mix time again and this one has been a long time coming, considering I probably asked Nick Wilson aka NCW to make a mix around the time I put out his first Apartment record, which was nearly 2 years ago. Since then he’s dropped 2 more 12s; Pharoah And The Goose and most recently the lush coldwave stylings of Golden Lands on Ali Renault’s Vivod label. His eclectic, scattershot and somewhat humorous mixes fly in the face of many’s studied approach to podcasts – which means it’s nicely suited to ISM – so I’ll shut up and let you get to it.

Child of the Deep Inferno – Download

Jamie Principle – Waiting on my Angel

Cottam – The Long Dark Road

Arthur James Denton – Loon

Runaway – The Fire Below (The Revenge Mix)

DJ Overdose – Bizarro World

Phuture – Acid Tracks

Cold Sensation – Trash in Heaven

Baby Ford – Children of the Revolution

Orgue Electronique & Robert Owens – Our House (Kink & Neville Watson mix)

NCW – Panther

Thomas Bangalter – What to do

Blancmange – Blind Vision

Corinne – Tonight

Sophie B Hawkins – Right Beside You (The Grid Remix)

Moodymann – Emotional Content

Not sure – Take Me Away

Tres Demented – Demented

Black Deer – Almost had a moment alone

Azari +III – Reckless (With Your Love)

Laid Back – White Horse

Amirali – Just an Illusion

Intense – Dog a Baseline

Juju & Jordash – Jewsex


Sunday Times…8hrs+ of music & 4th Birthday Party…

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CMK 17072013 Sunday Times 002

Regular readers may be aware of the Sunday Times party that gowan in Cork here in Ireland. I’ve played at it a few times (usually alongside Lerosa) and have waxed lyrical about how superb an all day hoedown it is on a few occasions. Originally started off by John Hennessy and Barry Walsh the ST gang now comprises of 4, with Dean from Tr One and Colm K (he who recently dropped the amazing Love EP on Bastard Jazz) having recently joined to help spruce things up. Many of the parties  is just the 4 guys playing off each other for over 8hrs but for their 4th birthday, taking place this Sunday the 28th in The Pav, they’ve brought over the like minded Co-boss of Eglo, Alexander Nut, to muck around with them too. It should be a pretty amazing day’s music and banter.


Sometimes Djs can be a bit unresponsive to my request for a guest mix on here. It’s probably been a good 3 years since I asked the Sunday Times guys to contribute a mix, and well, it never happened. The bastards. So with this party coming up I once again sent out a request. And instead of an hour or so studio mix they threw me over a recording from their May party. The whole party. So below, in 3 parts, is an 8 AND A HALF HOUR mix. Unsurprisingly, there isn’t a tracklist either. There be jazz, hip hop, reggae, electro, disco, house, techno and what not all thrown into the pot with music from Tim Maia, Eddie Kendricks, Joe Henderson, Courtney Melody, Pharaohs, Keith Hudson, Legowelt, Mr Flagio, The The, Larry Heard, Rhye, Marcellus Pittman, Prince, Inner Life, Simple Minds and Blake Baxter. Along with many, many others. Phew. At the very least it’ll get you through a day in work. These guys are all killer selectors so I’m pretty happy to finally have this to host.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Guest Mix: Lerosa

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It has been so unseasonably hot over the last couple of weeks that something had to give, so after a lil while of no action it’s time for some more mixxxxx action. And it’s time for the return of an old favourite. It’s been a little while since his last mix for us too. Things may have been a bit quiet on the release front since his lush LP for Uzuri (bar some remix action and a, ahem, release for my own Apartment label) but he’s been busy knocking around the world djing for a bit (even as far as field as Australia; fancy) and there should be some new releases on the way in the not too distant future. Until then get yer mits around this lush mix, perfect for this hot n hazy July…

Download HERE

Alston – Butterfly
Unknown Artist – Black Boxx EP 3
DJ Sprinkles – House Music Is Controllable Desire You Can Own
willie burns – I’m gonna get you
Move D – HD
Cliff Lothar – ring leader
Achterbahn D’Amour – Cardbox
Jordan GCZ – Crybaby J
RüF Dug – Coliseum
Q – from within
Xosar – The Calling
Gherkin Jerks – Strange creatures
Anaxander – Moons Of Jupiter
Todd Terry – Funky Brass (Uk Rmx)
Final cut – take me away
A Visitor From Another Meaning – Hills Of Honolulu

Bop Gun this Saturday, 29/06, Dublin w/ Gmos, Educution, Platinum Ray, Thatboytim and myself

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Last minute heads up for Dublin folk for a lil party that’s shaping up to be a whole tonne of fun this Saturday night. Past guest mixer supremus for us here, Platinum Ray has been throwing a few small parties over the last year or so with fellow cohort Thatboytim (who also looks after the electro imprint Takeover Recordings), and this time around he’s getting ISM in on the action. That means an all too rare appearance in public for GMOS alongside myself, we’ll be spinning b2b for the closing segment of the night. Before that is an even rarer live appearance by Dublin producer Educution, who some may be aware of through his releases on D1 Recordings.

I think I was witness to his last live appearance at a Front End Synthetics party way back in 2010 (which was superb) so it’s great to see him out there again. Platinum Ray and Thatboytim along with Mark Flood will be holding up the rear too.

Gmos, Platters and Educution are pretty much 3 of Dublin’s best kept secrets so this should be off the chain. It’s taking place in the basement of Pacino’s on Suffolk St and is free in all night. And it will also run vurrry late ;). Do it.

Facebook page

Leonid: Midas, Erdbeerschnitzel – Cushions

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Time for a couple of suitably summery house 12″s me thinks. While Paul Leonid Smith’s release schedule has never been too top-heavy it’s still been 3 years (longer than I actually initially thought) since his last 12″, on Sistrum. It was a solid affair if not quite as strong as previous releases and while he is still keeping it as deep as ever with his new release on burgeoning Dutch label Photic Fields this is his strongest to date, so it’s a very welcome return from the Irish man. It also continues what’s really been a strong year of releases for irish producers and labels. Actually,  the last Photic Fields was from Irish wunderkid Automatic Tasty, back in February.

“67″ fades in like it has been gently simmering along in deep space regardless of who’s listening, and it sets the tone perfectly for the 3 tracker. Rumbling deep bass and perfectly timed, gentle kicks carry it’s soothing intonations all the way through. “SD2″ keeps things as deep as before but with a subtle acid line easing up the drama just the smallest amount, with a lovely strings refrain floating around in the background to great effect. There’s a studied restraint on show which is hard to do right. Get it wrong and you’ve got a go-nowhere deep house snoozeathon, get it right, and you’ve got a lush, hypnotic jam perfectly suited for sunny eves. Smith has got it bang on with the 2 A cuts here. Things slip every so sligthly on the b-cut “Random Waves”. It works in a similar style as the previous two cuts but I think it’s that washed out dubby synth that’s centre stage that makes it drag a little bit for me. It’s one of those classic house sounds that I’ve always been able to take or leave. It’s still a pretty solid affair but the 2 A cuts are the killers here.

Erdbeershchitzel is a name I’ve been vaguely aware of before. It may well just be because it’s such a mouthful as I can’t actually recall any of his music previous to this. Also, Delsin is not a label I check as often as I used to, so the new Cushions EP was a really welcome surprise. To get it out of the way I suppose one can look at Theo and Floating Points as reference points for the music, but I’m not gonna bother waffling on about that. These are quirky, sunkissed and fairly thumping house jams that while containing a nearly overly compressed wall of sound still manage to have a lilting organic edge. The opening title track is focused around what could easily be a riff on a  flute, nicely off setting the deep kicks and crunching percussion, with a subtle but euphoric bassline buried into the mix.

After such a graceful opener the release actually becomes unstuck on “Am Bassele”. It’s just too cluttered and the nice ideas it has going on get lost in the mush. But the Ep’s highlight is the slowburning “Crossroads” on the B. The tempo is reduced though the kick is as heavy as before. Swirling keys reveal themselves in a nicely relaxed, drawn out fashion, and really that’s the general character of the song, until it breaks nearly 2/3rds of the way through. The breakdown threatens to come in at least twice before it finally drops, a patience carried over from what came before. But then everything that was slowly eased in before hand is thrown together and some more; the song closes out as a crunching, psychedelic slab of  funk. It’s a busy mix, but is pulled off with some aplomb. It’s been getting many repeats spins in the last week and will as long as summer keeps being, yknow, summery.

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