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field report: the clubhouse

Posted by frank at 10:26 pm
05.26.10 | 5 Comments

Anthony Parasole, apparently a fan of this blog, recently added me at random on Facebook. He seemed like an earnest and experienced cat so I friended him back. We chatted a bit and he invited me down to his residency at The Club House party at Greenwich Village’s Love. It had been way too long since I had hit up Love, which boasts one of the city’s greatest sound systems, so I decided to crawl out of my hermit cave and make an appearance.

Coincidentally a friend was in town who had NEVER BEEN TO NEW YORK CITY!? so the fiance’ and I took her enthusiastic little butt along too.

We arrived at around 11 PM and the club was virtually empty except for a few out of place Jersey Shore types who quickly ordered $500 vodka bottle service. My crew pondered that madness for a moment as one of the guidos proceeded to make his way through failed attempts at hitting on both my fiance’ and our friend. Odd to say the least.

Club Love was sadly looking a little worse for wear since the last time I partied there several years ago. The bathrooms are beat up, the general vibe of the club is kind of dirty, and worst of all they took out the awesome waterfall and carpeted cave room with nooks and crannies.

Fortunately the sound is still top notch though and really, that’s all that matters.

Anthony and Jus Ed tag teamed some insanely deep house for the first four hours of the night. The floor started fleshing out with a crowd by 1 AM, just as Parasole started getting a little fucking weird (in a really good way) on the decks. He dropped a house tune with what I can only describe as laser blasts. I trainspotted that shit but he flat out denied me, claiming true secret weapon privilege on it. Fair enough!
By that point the place was bumper to bumper and everybody was really feelin it, especially when Jus Ed followed up with Logic’s classic “The Warning”. Always a fan. Here’s a YouTube of the track for those of you who might not be familiar:

At some point about three hours into the eve Anthony dropped Motorbass’s “Ezio”, a nutty track with a sweet harp and some very mad percussive sounds:

Do note, the image in the above video is for a record that does not actually contain the audio in the video. It’s a different version of the track on that vinyl.

Had a quick chat with Todd Sines about how much he hates it when people tell him how great his old tracks are. Hassled Dan Bell for a track ID from a set from four years ago. Bumped into Albert Freeman aka “N or Z” who I chewed the fat with over 707s and other analog gear. That dude is on Soundcloud as mortalamusique.

Parasole dropped this very dope, very Todd Terry-esque track at like 2 am.

I’m embarrassed to say I was dragged out of the club by the girls shortly after that and shortly before Dan Bell went on. I’m sure he killed it though. There’s always next time!

All in all I would definitely head out again to hear the UQ/Deconstruction crew at their ClubHouse residency at Love. Bigups.


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