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sort of, but not exactly, part 1 of my “best of 2011” mixes

One day back in November I hit record on my laptop with the sole intention of encoding (for train iPod listening) some tunes that I had picked up late last year. Tom had been nice enough to pass along an extra “promo” copy of the 2010 Donato Dozzy double pack on Further and I wanted to hear it so I started with that. I realized I was in sort of an ambient techno mood, so I put on the Recast record next, which was in my 2011 top 50 pile. I can’t remember where I found the older Scott Grooves record that I had been looking for for a while, but it seemed like the best next step in terms of mood. Besides, it meshes nicely with the Area record which admittedly is a very specific tonal palette and pretty dissimilar from much other house and techno. The rest of the mix just fell into place after that, gradually picking up energy and tempo. I figured I’d post it here – despite the two older records – by way of forcing myself to finish my long overdue year-end mixes. Download it here and let me know what you think! Tracklist behind the cut

01. Donato Dozzy – Untitled – Further Records
02. Recast – Consensual (Original Mix) – Third Ear
03. Scott Grooves – Detroit 808 (dub delay) – Natural Midi
04. Area – Hardplace – Kimochi
05. Kate Wax – Echoes & the Light (Holden Edit) – Border Comm.
06. Tang – Drone – Emphasis Recordings
07. NCW – Panther – Apartment Records
08. Mr. Scruff – Bounce – Ninja Tune
09. Yello – Bostich (Jamie 3:26 edit) – Strobelight Honey
10. Paul Woolford – Achilles – Planet E
11. Ricardo Miranda – Greenline – stilove4music
12. Jamie 3:26 – Acid Whump – Strobelight Honey
13. NCW – My Braindead Acid – Apartment Records

p.s. if you missed it, here’s what basically amounts to another portion of my best of 2011 list, September’s Friends and Friends of Friends Mix

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  1. Phil says:

    Well done, thx for a good music, m8)

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