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what’s hot as-in-on-fire right now – Tevo, Kate, and Fred

We been on some Tevo Howard shit at ISM for a hot minute. In 2009 Kenny deemed his records “buy on sight”. His tracks have been played in several ISM mixes over the years. After a while, though, some of us started to lament his overuse of the Roland TR-707 drum machine. Fortunately he’s back with Theme Track EP and this time he managed to keep the 707 tastefully subdued on this fire new cut with fellow Chicagoan Kate Simko. The man like Fred P rounds out the flip with some lush summertime techno remix action. And holy crap the whole thing is on Sasha’s (yes, that Sasha) label. Strange bedfellows, but this is indeed what’s hot right now.

apparently this is the second single for a forthcoming album, here’s the first:

And, yeah, maybe if I read 5 Magazine regularly like I should I would have known about this already.

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  1. Fred P mix on this is the business. Fist-pump central.

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