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Ben Sims Hates Mnml

In an interesting turn of events, the form of techno that used to irritate me in its ubiquitousness has also been eclipsed by the mnml fad. The ADATT technique (“all drums all the time”) of the hard techno scene has been replaced with the more urbane but no less limited in scope mnml. Hard techno…

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We Are (A Blog) Family

The links sections here at ISM is meant to act as a dependable place to find MP3s, interviews, blog posts, and basically any good resource for music and record related sites. Every blog that is on there is in my personal reader, so that is the highest reccomendation I can give (and let me just…

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Promo Action and New chit!

Before I begin, I would like to take a moment to thank Dancetracks (nyc) for all of the years of fine service, it’s sad to see another vinyl emporium shut down. …..Now on to the music: TERRENCE, DIXON Directions (Underl_ne) 12″ Another sublime offering from Mr. Dixon to follow-up the recently released Yore Album and…

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