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Promo Action and New chit!

Before I begin, I would like to take a moment to thank Dancetracks (nyc) for all of the years of fine service, it’s sad to see another vinyl emporium shut down. …..Now on to the music:

TERRENCE, DIXON Directions (Underl_ne) 12″

Another sublime offering from Mr. Dixon to follow-up the recently released Yore Album and Population One reissue on Rush hour. I dropped the A2 cut on Friday night, an electro tinged monster that had everyone in attendance wondering what in fuck was that. Five tracks in total, A1 an A2 are the reasons for buying, the other three are more in the lines of what you’ll hear on the album, moody electronics for all the naughty boys and girls. Stateside check out Forced Exposure or Bent Crayon.

Mike Huckaby – My Life with the Wave (Synth) 12″

This release has already been championed by us here at ISM, so if you don’t already have it, what are you waiting for? Huck has been on his game as of late, blessing the masses with his take on the Basic Channel sound. Three gems here for your dancefloor pleasure. “Sir, may I please have some more?”

Patrice Scott – Motions EP (Sistrum) 12″

Another favorite artist of the ISM Camp, no need for hyperbole here, its lovely, you should own it. I do. Stateside Opus and Dancetracks (web only presence now fellas?)

Nebraska – Vicarious Disco (Downlow) 12″

$tinkworx – Aqualopolis (Vext) 12″

Just when you thought nothing good could ever come out of Texas, our boys from the dirty south release these two pieces to further remind you that there are a few labels out there looking to release quality music rather then churning out derivative crap. I should have the these records in hand, but with the holidays around the corner the Post is a bit of crap shoot these days, maybe tomorrow, “I don’t know butchie?”

Promo bits:

DJ 3000 & Ursula Rucker – My Sunday Afternoon (Superbro) 12″

Now when I saw this in my inbox, I had to do a double take, not that I don’t think Ms. Rucker doesn’t bring it each and every time. Its just that her most recent output was more akin to the coffeehouse rather than the house that jack built. Thanks to dance luminaries such as KDJ, Theo and the Beatdown camp the dance floor is little slower than it once was, now this offering isn’t in that vein, but it can sit alongside very nicely, smooth, subtle and delicate instrumentation punctuate the three mixes offered here. Has the dance floor been refined or are we all getting older? I’ll post clips once I’ve gotten permission from the label.

LAL – Lost Remixes (Public Transit Recordings) 12″

This is an EP of previously unreleased remixes of LAL by Alister Johnson (The Hive), Dimlite (Sonar Kollektiv, Arch_Typ (Raw Fusion) and Moonstarr. Mixes run the gamut of hectic broken shit from Arch_Typ, refined tribal house from Alister Johnson and mellow hip-hop grooves from the mighty Moonstarr. Stateside check it out from Groove Distribution, Opus or your mp3 store of choice.

(Note: Some of the above may all be available in MP3 format for the digitally inclined, but I don’t roll like that, so you’ll have to look for yourself.)

Voice Remixes – (Public Transit Records) 12″

I first came across Voice on the import version of Moonstarr’s debut album “Dupont”, she’s a New Orleans native whose vocals are very reminiscent of the mighty Bahamadia. Lyrcs and flows are sharp and on point. Here’s a fresh batch of remixes from here debut album “Gumbo.” Four remixes all on the smooth tip and the perfect soundtrack for a rainy Sunday in the ‘burgh.


  1. Patrice Scott – Motions EP (Sistrum) 12?, i picked this one up, even better than his last two and, they were hot.
    Not so hot on the TD, but its still quality stuff all the same. Ill check the others….


  2. pipecock says:

    yo, that terrence dixon is HOT. i couldnt even believe it was him, that one cut is so different from his usual style. that will be a 412 anthem, this i promise you! that kind of track is how we get down.

  3. gmos says:

    I’m really loving the 2 b-side cuts on the Mike Huckaby record.

  4. A.O.S says:

    Yeah its really sad to hear Dancetraxx go out of BIDNES cuzz they did’nt buy OMAR-S records.

  5. Mark Forshaw says:

    In a similar vibe to the 2 b-side cuts of the Mike Huckaby 12, check his remix on the new Dubby Man release. Nice.

  6. A.O.S says:

    Yeah dat dub out side is sweet asz hell!!
    That should had been a one sided record,
    (nice silver label’s)sweet!

  7. A.O.S says:

    Nobody aint making shit right now but Detroit!Why is that!Only Detroit-Only Michigan.

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