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Ron Murphy (NSC) R.I.P.

Ron Murphy, the mastering engineer at NSC and a true legend in Detroit techno and house passed away today. A message posted by Mike Grant to the e-mail list this evening said this: It is with a heavy heart and great regret that I announce the passing of Ron Murphy. I was called with…

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Another One Bites the Dust

Word on the street is that Syntax Music, a longtime dance distributor in the US, is going under. This is of course in addition to the closing of Watts and Nemesis over the past few years. Anyone who spent lots of time in dance record shops in the 90’s and 00’s should know these names,…

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My contribution to this blog has been a bit lacking so far to say the least. I’ve been telling myself that this has been down to a new job and working away alot, but I’ve since realised that it’s also partly down to feeling like I’d hit some kind of wall with my record collection….

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