My contribution to this blog has been a bit lacking so far to say the least. I’ve been telling myself that this has been down to a new job and working away alot, but I’ve since realised that it’s also partly down to feeling like I’d hit some kind of wall with my record collection.

Since midway through 2007 I’ve not bought many records at all, only played out a couple of times and said ‘no’ to a load of things I’d have usually been happy to play at. On top of that I was spending way less time with my records.

I’d thought quite alot about why this was and eventually realised that it was down to being completely overrun by my record collection.

In the couple of years since I last had a decent reorganise and cull of my collection, it’s got completely unmanageable to the point where stepping into the room where most of my records live has become almost unbearable – endless piles of records and CDs (I couldn’t even tell you what most of them sounded like) and unused kit everywhere.

About a month and a half ago I finally started doing something about it and have since sold close to 600 records, some of which I’m massively embarassed to have ever had in my home – there was more than 10 Jean-Michelle Jarre LPs in there, I could go on. I’m now in a position where stepping into the room isn’t intimidating, it’s getting towards looking something like I want it to and I’m starting to spend alot more time in there again.

I guess that’s where this post is coming from – I’ve neglected my records and I’ve neglected to make any meaningful contribution to this blog so far.

Hopefully that’s the end of that.


  1. gillsans says:

    I always love photos of peoples record collections.

  2. pipecock says:

    it was nice to see a post from you on here! i think every couple years you have to go through things and get rid of some crap, especially if you usually buy lots of things. i recently went through things and got rid of a couple hundred records, and i have a couple hundred more in a big stack that ive been giving away to people who want them when they stop by. it really does help when things are a little more organized: the big 4 ft deep stacks of records around my studio are gone, the shelves are full, etc.

    remember, you own the records, they don’t own you! 😉

  3. Vic20 says:

    you bloody jessie 🙂

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