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platinum gold

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02.21.08 | 6 Comments

Pauly Martin (anagram), Platinumray is one of Dublin’s most underrated
DJs. His party style DJing is one of playfulness, mixing different
flavours of dance and electronic sounds. Although never afraid to get
abstract and wonky (and he is definitely wonky – but in a good way, wonkiness is closer to goodliness) with his selections, it his intuitive ability to play classic records that never fails to set the dance-floor alight.
As Platinumray says, “When I play records I try to find ways of putting together music which is at once spontaneous and unexpected but also rewarding. I don’t think of electronic music as being futuristic
or elitist, I think of it as being celebratory.”

He has been performing for promoters such as U-Mack, D1 and Front End Synthetics over the past ten years. U-Mack’s Paul Timoney has said that he is the best DJ he has ever heard.

He has also produced music with Dublin-based musicians such as Educatution, Spectac and Sunken Foal as well as making his own compositions, some of which can be heard at

What Platinumray says about this mix, “With this recording I have
borrowed heavily from AFX’s Analord series, accompanying it with many
vocal cuts. The focus here was on songs. I felt that many people who
reject House, Techno and Electro music do so because of a perceived
facelessness or lack of personality. I’ve tried to let these vocal
tracks speak for themselves, playing many of them in their entirety.
The Analord tracks serve as backdrop which hopefully ties the whole
mix together. As usual I’ve chosen records that I like to hear on the
dance floor, the kind of music I like to boogie down to.”

Platinumray mix tape ’08


track list:

Side one-

Little Computer People – Little Computer People
ESG – Gimme A Blast
Analord – PWSteal.Ldpinch.D
Kraftwerk – Tour De France (Francois Kevorkian remix)
Neil Landstrumm – Kids Wake Up
Michael Forshaw – Bumpkin
Jamie Lidell – When I Come Back Around
Underground Resistance – Hi Tech Funk (Sonic Grits mix)
Outkast – Ghetto Musick
Cristian Vogel – The Backward ‘S’
I-F – Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass
Analord – Batine Acid

Side two-

Analord – Batine Acid
Adonis – No Way Back
Cristian Vogel – 1968.Holes
Gus Gus – Your Moves Are Mine
I-F – Playstation No.1 (Instrumental)
ESG – Insane (Tambourine mix)
Prince – All The Critics Love U In New York
Radioactive Man – Ye Olde Skoole Rayve
Decal – T*Shock
Analord – Cilonen
Marvin Gaye – Midnight Lady
Analord – W32.Aphex@mm
Colonel Abrams – Trapped


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