I’ve finally got round to uploading a couple of mixes that a few people on the disception forum have been asking for:


January05 seems to be alot of people’s favorite mix of mine. It’s a long one – 3 hours, but goes all the way from Mos Def and Q-Tip to Shake and Juan Atkins. Mid 04 to 05 always stands out to me as a time when an unbelievable amount of good new music was coming out – much of the techno in this mix was new around the time the mix was recorded.


@theruck is a set recorded from a party we put on a year or two back with Terrence Parker. This was recorded before Terrence and after a couple of hours of funk and soul, meaning it was a great chance to build it right up with records like “Don’t Turn it Off” by Hot Chocolate and “Street Man” by Brooklyn Dreams early on, then picking up with some more up-tempo Disco and Techno later on.

The mix finishes with what I think is not just one of the best pop records ever, but one of the best records ever full stop – “I Can’t Go for That” by Hall & Oates, followed (quite abruptly ) by “Waiting On My Angel” by Jamie Principle, which coincidentally happened to be one of Terrence’s favorite records.


This is about 3.5 hours worth of live recording from a semi-regular thing we used to do in Newcastle a couple of years back at a place called Camp David. It’s quite a fun mix with loads of classics – the mp3 on my computer seems to cut off after “Lost in Music” but I’m sure there’s a few more records after that, so it may be closer to 4 hours in length.

Full playlists or IDs for any of these mixes on request.


  1. Joe says:

    Cheers Lee.

  2. kuri says:

    thanks Lee. that January05 mix is one of my favorites too. Love the way it unfolds, plus so many great tracks. taht slow Domu one is one of my jams from that time period.

  3. place says:

    thanks Lee. I’m finally getting the chance to check out the Jan05 mix and it’s lovely. Could you post a complete tracklist?

  4. I know these were posted a long time ago…but that @theruck mix is totally tearing me up! Any track listing at all? I am especially interested in that first track with the chanting, and the crazy sax thing almost halfway in. Just like me to fall in love with the least google-able tracks on here…

    Thanks for any help!

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