DEMF 08, General

The Madness Begins


We’re about to roll out of the Burgh on our way to Detroit in just a few minutes. Despite no love on the press pass tip, we will be providing our coverage of DEMF 08 to you starting tonight and continuing through late Monday night. I will try to provide a substantial post every day, with some nice warmup bits before the festival officially starts. During the festival and afterparties, I will be using my recently acquired cell phone to post text only updates as things of note occur. I created a new “DEMF 08” tag for easy reading of our festival coverage now and in the future. There are a few people I am definitely going to be talking with while in the 313, and I will try to hassle many others throughout the weekend into going on record for us in various manners. The aim for ISM this year is to provide as much Detroit-centric content as possible. Don’t expect to hear much about the corny and mainstream acts playing (unless they do something so notably silly that it merits note!), but you will get the lowdown on that real Detroit shit. I will try to post up some easy way of identifying me every day so that people can come chat if they see me. Keep checking back!

Oh yeah, we have a new logo type thing on our main page (in place of the old “Disco Delite” record sleeve) that my man Andrew threw together for me to put on a sticker to take with me to DEMF. Somehow that kept slipping my mind, so the stickers will have to wait for some other time. But I liked the look of it and I threw it up there for now. Do you guys like the record sleeve better?


  1. Chris O says:

    have a nice time man. This is the first year i won’t make it since the second festival. 🙁

  2. j.fine says:

    yo tom, glad to see you are heading to the D for the fest man, super bummed we wont be in michigan in time to make it this year, lineup sounds DOOOOOOPE, and all the after parties… sigh.

    the new ism logo is cool, but i did love that disco de-lite sleeve. it’s a toss up.

    peace man, have fun in the D!!

  3. jitterbug says:

    i loved the disco sleeve! but the new logo looks good too… maybe try and reincorporate the sleeve somewhere else? looking forward to the festival coverage.

  4. NEv says:

    Thanks for helping spread the word man! I will throw up a link on the Movement blog. Look forward to your updates.


  5. frank says:

    I’d be there if I weren’t still unemployed. NEXT YEAR I swear. I don’t necessarily dislike the new logo, but I think that disco delite sleeve said a lot more about what ISM is about than the new thing does. I think the logo would make fine stickers to hand out, but I don’t think it works in the top corner of the blog itself.

  6. kenny says:

    I always sorta expected the sleeve/image to change every couple of months when the site was first up, dunno why.

    enjoy the weekend. Someday, someday….

  7. gmos says:

    I liked the disco dee-lite logo, but no harm in changing things around every now and again.

    And have a great weekend, very jealous here, looking forward to hear what’s going down over there

  8. andrew. says:

    Have a good time in Detroit. Don’t eat anything I wouldn’t eat.
    Thanks for the link to the blog. If’n your going to use the sticker on the site, you might want to scale it down a little since wordpress is doing it for you and distorting it a bit in the process.

  9. m@dL says:

    have a blast tom and say waddup to the crew for me. Eat a few cookies 😉 this year while all those lame acts play. We are sure to get some great coverage from all the hazy exploits you foolios will be partaking in.

  10. kuri says:

    have fun in the D. like the new logo, but might be a bit lacking in the personality dept. compared to the record label logo.

  11. Hello,

    I couldn’t see any other way to contact you regarding this, so I have to leave this comment…

    This photo is copyrighted by me, and all rights are reserved. I don’t mind if you use it with attribution, but at least give credit, ok?

    Thank you

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