First Stop: Henry Ford Hospital

So things got off to a silly start yesterday. What began as a sore knee when I woke up turned into debilitating pain by last night. When I still couldn’t walk this morning, I went to the hospital to get it looked at. The diagnosis is still unclear (they said it could be arthritis or an infection) but a heavy dose of ibuprofen has me doing alright. I still managed to stop in Rick Wilhite’s record shop Vibes, but it seems as though none of the house guys have anything new for festival time. I picked up a couple new thangs and a couple older joints I should have had already, the most outstanding being the new Scott Grooves. I also had a bit of digging last night at Melodies and Memories which netted some dope jams for cheap. I may miss out on the parties tonight to rest my leg, though it depends on how it feels in a little while. Tomorrow I will hit Submerge and the fesival begins!


  1. andrew. says:

    Shit dude. Here i am, pissed that your Detroit getaway means i’m babysitting the store on a beautiful Saturday, and you’re getting your leg amputated. Rent yourself a wheelchair and hit the parties.

  2. m@dL says:

    Hey Tom! get a bunch of bags of frozen peas from the grocery store (poor man’s ice pack)…ice your knee with a pillow case covering the bag for no more than 20 minutes…then 40 minutes between bags. tell me your symptoms I might be able to help… if your knee is warm to the touch…there could be the possibility of an infection but go with the doctor… 500mg of Advil or substitute generic ibuprofen to decrease inflammation. sounds to me like bursitis but unless I saw your knee I wouldn’t be able to tell. I’d rent a bicycle and see the festival that way instead of walking. That will only prolong your pain.

  3. kenny says:

    just get mouldy and worry about it next week.

  4. kuri says:

    damn tom that sucks. I feel for you. hope you can fight through the pain long enough to check out show parties. peace, kuri

  5. Chris O says:

    Clique breakfast + Wake up Herbals + 800 mg of advil + 2 chocolate chip cookies + 40 from party store + Thai food + ride to the festival = 4 hours of no knee pain.

  6. gmos says:

    shite tom, hope you managed to get through the weekend ok and have a good time anyway.

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