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dub in moscow


Moritz Von Oswald recently played a rare live show with Tikiman, a long time collaborator. Here’s two hours of dubbed out basic channelings, courtesy of sound+.

Much thanks to Matt Cohen for use of the photo from R&S’ 2007 DEMF performance.


  1. mkb says:

    what’s the deal with von oswald and ernestus? i can’t find actual statement that rhythm and sound/basic channel/burial mix is over, but people state that as fact.

  2. Jitterbug says:

    legend. thank you so much. one for the headphones later tonight…

  3. mister twon says:

    thankyou!what a great soundtrack to the last day of the work week.

  4. dean says:

    Got this a couple of days ago from LD – brilliant stuff. Can’t wait to hear Moritz’ trio at DEAF!

  5. dean says:

    In fact, this set is so good it’s sick

  6. Jitterbug says:

    yep. i’m totally loving this, i’m hungover to fuck and this just seems to be easing my troubles away. thanks again to detroitio

  7. detroitio says:

    i’ll pass those thanks right along to sound+…

  8. meschi says:

    been listening to this for a while. amazing.

  9. modelfruit says:

    awww…cheers wjtkr! 🙂

    mkb : scroll down to july + august

    how much do you trust the source? 🙂

  10. j.fine says:

    this is fucking FIRE, thanks for posting this!

  11. DJ BWYSE says:

    Righteous thanks for posting

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