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Some radio bizness

Just a little heads up that I’m gonna be guesting on the Delicious Mix Sessions on Power FM tomorrow from between 6 – 8pm (1pm over yonder ocean), along with Mike Black and Eoin Callanan, who present the weekly show. For anyone interested, you can listen on the net here

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It’s been a while

My god… how long has it been! I’ve been on hiatus from really doing anything for a while. But I come back to you to spread the word of mixes and music. 1. Music for a Deep Sleep 01 I was having a lot of trouble sleeping a few nights ago, so made this selection…

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It’s More Fun To Compute – Back From an Unplanned Downtime

Waaaaayyyyyyyy back on December 22nd I think it was, my computer at home decided to shit the bed. Being busy over the holidays, and since then with a skiing trip and a bunch of potential job stuff, I only got the chance to get everything back up and running this afternoon. Finally, the guest mixes…

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Juju & Jordash – ‘Not a Blue Meanie in sight’

Just wanted to do a quick link across to a great new mix and interview from J&J. Have been loving the mix – a great blend of spaced out jazz, ambient electronics, dub, house and other funkiness that sees all the elements working together to make something else. Check it!


RIP Teddy Pendergrass

Teddy Pendergrass is one of those artists whose work I have seemingly always been aware of. From the Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes classic “If You Don’t Know My By Now” to his solo work, Teddy was one of the most iconic soul singers whose identity was wrapped up in one word: LOVE. But…

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A couple articles of interest

Happy new year to everyone, this is just a short post to give a heads up on a couple of interesting pieces that have cropped up online this week. First up RA have just published an excellent interview with Chez Damier, one which I think many will appreciate for the honesty he shows, and how…

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Infintestateradio 0008

A special new show that went out on deepfrequency this week featuring over 4 hours of music, with ambient, spatial electronics, funk, afro, dub, indian, middle eastern, turkish, disco, italo, house, techno and more in the mix. Download: Infinitestateradio 0008