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More Shake Business…

I know it ain’t the second half of the ISM interview with Shake from 2.5 years ago (which is still on a cassette tape somewhere in my house!), but it is a brand new interview with the man over at Resident Advisor. I actually did the interview a little while back, but it’s still all good. It’s always fun to get to chat with one of my personal heroes. Also, it was cool to “collaborate” in a way with my man Matt Cohen, whose photos were used for the RA piece and at the top of this post (and in the current issue of Sports Illustrated as well!).

I’ve been waiting for it to go up on RA so I could also mention this radio special our man Recloose did on his radio show about a month ago. On it, he takes an interview with Shake as well as some of his music and combines them into a very nice tribute. Another great episode in what is a great radioshow/podcast.

Shake is such a fantastic musician, it’s about time that he gets his due. I got the Frictionalism box set on Rush Hour in the mail earlier this week, and aside from the plastic sleeve (which was broken on the bottom when I got it!) it’s a very good way to own many of these very hard to find tracks. It would have been nice for some liner notes, photos, and other stuff, but really I think Shake’s music speaks just fine for itself. If you don’t already have all of these tracks, I definitely recommend getting this box set in any way possible, it is that essential.


  1. kuri says:

    great interview Tom. I started reading it w/out knowing who the writer was and was pleased to find out it was done by you. only fitting after the one you did for ISM originally. some similar ground covered but still very insightful.

  2. pipecock says:

    yeah, this is the second time i’ve interviewed someone for the second time, and i find i actually like doing that. the first one is cool (especially for ISM) in a long rambling nerdy kind of way, which then sets up the second one for a more mainstream platform to be streamlined but still interesting. i’m glad you dug it!

  3. jtechnoir says:

    Agreed, fantastic box set, poor packaging, which is odd since it seems as though every aspect of this comp was planned so well. My issue here is that it seems as though either they didn’t consider the fact that people will actually take these records to play out. Or at this stage in the game, people will just swap those sleeves out with paper ones in order to minimize damage! Picked up the cd version so I can rock these tracks in the car, Good times!

  4. kenny says:

    Funny you mention the lack of availability of some of these tracks, as I found a copy of Frictional 01 in london for like £3 in December. happy days! On the packaging, yeah its not the best, but compared to another another certain Detroit legend’s recent boxset maybe it was all part of keeping costs down, its great value really, not a bad cut on it.

  5. Tom says:

    Has anyone got Frictionalism without that rip at the bottom? Anywhere I’ve checked in London has the same damage. Surprised to hear it’s the same in the US, thought it might have been damaged in transit to UK.

  6. gmos says:

    nice, that’s one of the harder ones to find, but I think Claude Young outshines Shake on that EP, probably Claude’s best work imo

  7. peder says:

    no. the guy at phonica told me that all of them were like that, but that rush hour were planning to produce replacement sleeves… might be worth checking with where you bought it from for more on that.

  8. Kenny says:

    Yup, Second Experience is unreal.

  9. Kenny says:

    I got mine from Clone and the packaging is fine, I think.

  10. jitterbug says:

    the plastic sleev is awful, took my 12″s straight out and put them in a heavy duty plastic sleeve without the annoying flap at the top – works perfect.

    as for the music…. it’s all been said already. we love shake round these parts!!!

  11. Richard Carnes says:

    Got mine from Rush Hour and the packaging is fine. For playing out, I’d just rehouse the twelve you want in a thick card sleeve.

  12. bernardo says:

    Tom did you get yours in the US? If so, where at? I need it!

  13. Dean says:

    So strange! I typed the ISM address into my address bar intending on digging up your old interview with Shake (as I am currently rocking some Shaken grooves) and blam! this is the first thing to hit me…. That Recloose thing looks very interesting, downing it now

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