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KDJ speaks

Interviews with the one and only Kenny Dixon Jr are as rare as a sober person at BLOC so I’m really looking forward to watching this when I finish work today. The little write up on the post from the Red Bull Music Academy site makes it sound highly entertaining. I hope it delivers!

Watch it here

This is also post no. 313 from us. 😉


  1. Pauly says:

    nice one, thanks for the heads up. are you going to Bloc Kenny? any recommendations of things I should be checking out?

  2. Kenny says:

    I most certainly am! 🙂
    From past shows Model 500 and Planetary Assault Systems should be brilliant and am looking forward to see Surgeon’s live A/V show, should be interesting.

    Alden Tyrell and Dmx Krew’s live shows are always a good time too. I’ve never seen Autechre or Anti-Pop Consortium so certainly intrigued to see what they have in store and I missed most of Flying Lotus’ performance at DEMF last year, so that’s also on the Try-to-see list for me as is the Duece performance (Shed and Marcel Dettman)and D:Bridge and Instra:mental.

    Lower down the line up The Human Shield crew should deliver as well as Joe Hart, Placid, Matt Whitehead and Dexorcist v Bass Junkie, for some electro badness. I was dissapointed when I saw Marco Bernardi recently but he’s certainly got some good stuff in his b/c so hopefully his Octagon set will be better than previous. Finally Rhythm And Sound should be some excellent dub business. If I see all that I’ll be doing well 😉

  3. Pauly says:

    didn’t even know Rhythm & Sound were playing, what a bonus! Yes and yes on Placid & Joe hart, just hope I can convince my mates to go to these guys. Folks I’m going with will want to see more of the dubstep side of things.

    Anti-Pop Consortium are a must-see for me as well as Fly Lo and Model 500 (who I missed when they played Dublin last time)

    I will take Alden Tyrell, The Human Shield, Deuce, D:Bridge and Instra:mental under advisement.

  4. Kenny says:

    Yeah, it’s gonna be a whole lot of fun.

    Just watched about 40mins of that interview on lunch break. Brilliant stuff. The bit about Kraftwerk is hilarious.

  5. clom says:

    autechre, if their recent 12 hour audio broadcast is anything to go by are limbering up to smash the bejaysus out of it. seeing them next week in glasgow and eagerly anticipating it!

    sometimes feel that back to back sets can sometimes be a bit disjointed but reckon peverelist v appleblim and particularly kode9 v martyn will be worth checking out.

  6. Kenny says:

    I was massively dissapointed by martyn when i saw him dj before and what with all the messing that goes on at bloc have to say its not one set i’m gonna make a point of seeing.

  7. Vytas says:

    Interview with KDJ is the strangest of them all on RBMA. But you can expect nothing else from a man like him.
    There are some other good interviews from this year’s RBMA too. Particularly, I like the ones with Dam-Funk and Marshall Jefferson.

  8. shaolinsoul says:

    hmm…that guy definately knows how to create some tension. Weird as fuck also, with the creepy females and the hair braiding, and the casual use of fuck and pussy. Never the less, it was one of the best and most fulfilling since hearing Theo Parrish speak, who is probably equally as crazy.

  9. For me the hair braiding, the women, the Hennessy, the profanities, was a way for KDJ to bring his own Detroit with him. To show his reality to others. All of these things are cultural things. There is no city on this Earth like Detroit, its almost as if it is its own entity. It mostly Black, mostly poor, and dyeing. It has not grown in population since the early 70’s. It would be like if the rest of the world put you on another planet with very little and forgot about you. And all around you things keep falling apart. I was so happy KDJ finally said something, finally tried to explain that his reality might really be one that a lot of us don’t understand. So for me, its very hard to judge someone until I’ve walked it that person’s shoes. He is what he is. He is not a God because he made records, he’s just a guy from Detroit doing the best he can with what he’s got.

    Solid! Kenny, SOLID!

  10. Md says:

    “For me the hair braiding, the women, the Hennessy, the profanities, was a way for KDJ to bring his own Detroit with him. To show his reality to others. All of these things are cultural things.”

    I thought most of his ‘act’ was pretty obnoxious. Bringing along human props…she could have done his hair an hour before or an hour after…calling everyone muthafucka because “that’s what he would do at home”. It was all a little ridiculous…yet comical and finally, entertaining.

  11. Yeah, I don’t agree with anyone all of the time. I just was simply saying that sometimes things I think are out of the ordinary might seem perfectly normal for other people. I also didn’t mean that all cultural things pertain to everyone who is part of that culture. I just mean depending on where, when, and how you grow up can influence certain things that you do or say. I just try not to judge but learn what I might want to do and what I might not want to do by observing others.

  12. dr giggles says:

    I think moodymann has developed this abrasive public persona cause he doesn’t like his most of his fans-europeans and (very) white american males. the majority of the moodymann fans i see in brooklyn don’t look or act too different from your typical williamsburg hipster. i kind of agree with his attitude – i find the crowds at an LA rave or a hip-hop show generally more tolerable than the beard-stroking crowd he attracts.

  13. gmos says:

    “I think moodymann has developed this abrasive public persona cause ”

    first off, how in the hell did he come across as abrasive here? to me he seemed relaxed, friendly, generous, funny, intelligent

    “he doesn’t like his most of his fans-europeans and (very) white american males”

    but you really don’t know, you’re just making an assumption based on your FALSE imagined impression of who he is. if you actually pay attention and listen to WHAT he is saying, I don’t know how you can come to your conclusions.

    and to everyone else who thought his act was obnoxious, I don’t get that either, I thought it added character and gave a nice atmosphere. if you all think he brings his “bitches” with him to do his hair and pour his drinks all the time then you are mistaken. those ladies were just over for the soul skate roller disco and they decided to add a little of the Moody character to proceedings

  14. @gmos Hollah! my brother 😉

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