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Greetings to all at ISM. Been a while since I posted.

I moved all my mixes from the last 5 years or so into one spot over the weekend: here

There’s 70 mixes in total, which adds up to about 85 hours of music. There’s bound to be a few y’all didn’t check yet.

Hopefully a few new ones coming in the near future, will keep you posted. Hope you enjoy the archive in the meantime.


  1. jordy says:

    !The mother load!

  2. w1b0 says:

    love that pic… isn’t it from the LHC?

  3. w1b0 says:

    so… which mixes are worth getting? 😉

  4. jonny5 says:

    yes, it’s the l.h.c. – that place is always a good source of cool pics.

    i’ll try and summarise some of the mixes into styles, although i don’t tend to stick exactly to genres. obviously i think they’re all worth downloading or i wouldn’t put the up.

    techno/house – mix for cassini, time machine, secret panther, infinitestateradio 0010, drexciya mix

    100bpm disco/cosmic/afrofunky – dejavu, dream machine, cbs mix, ice flow, asteroids, blackhole, sunrise over hackney, live at lowlife pt 1, proton radio pt 1, black orpheus

    funky disco/space disco – boogie down brixton, disco police, disco flashback, proton radio pt 2, funkin’ in outerspace, UFO, midnight mixx, live at lowlife pt 2, bleep43, dusk mix

    ambient/experimental/kosmische – future days, double agent, he could see the future, telepathic, radioactive radio, falling through space, to the stars

    reggae/dub – jamaican soul, hard times, cool position, dub devil, infinitestateradio 0011, infinitestateradio 0014

    new wave – icebergs, nonstop till pleasure

    let me know when you’ve finished those and i’ll give you some more :p

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