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04.28.11 | 12 Comments

One thing I’ve never been when it comes to my music collection is a completist. I don’t think there is any label that I’ve made a concerted effort to collect all their work, just for the sake of it. Red Planet, an off shoot from Underground Resistance is the closest I’ve got to a label that I wanted to own all the records from. Not for the sake of it but just because they contain some of my all time favourite techno. But if I don’t like a record I’m not gonna buy it simply to complete a collection so I’m missing No.11 – Revenge of the Wolf from the series ’cause I don’t think it’s that good a record. Also, the latest 12″ never got a proper release bar directly from Submerge, so it’s missing too.

Anyways, for those who don’t know; Red Planet is a sporadic series of 12″s, most of which came out between 1992 and 1999. Credited to The Martian it is widely believed that this character is Mad Mike (though he has never confirmed, instead denying it, if anything) but along the way Detroit luminaries such as Drexciya, Suburban Knight, Eddie Fowlkes and a few others have leant their hand to productions. The music touches on bruising acid trance/techno, tribal work outs (It is thought “Red Planet” is more a reference to Native Americans more than anything), sparse electro and deep techno all of which are tied together by a layer of funk that has UR written all over it. While one can argue about omissions (my favourite cut, Voice of Grandmother, isn’t on here) the mix gives a general overview of the label, covering all bases. Meet the Red Planet…

RP-4 – Red Atmospheres
RP-8 – Partical Shower
RP-9 – Prayer Stick (Trans-Electric)
RP-6 – Starchild
RP-6 -Ghostdancer
RP-5 – Spontaneous Lifeform
RP-2 – Stardancer
RP-5 – Skypainter
RP-2 – Cosmic Movement
RP-7 – Vortextual Conceptions
RP-3 – Ultraviolet Images
RP-1 – The Intruder
RP-3 – 808° (Surface Temperature Mix)
RP-13 – The Last Stand
RP-12 – Tobacco Ties
RP-3 – Sex In Zero Gravity
RP-6 – Medicine Man
RP-9 – Dream Dancing
RP-7 – Firekeeper
RP-6 – Windwalker

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