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New label bizness – Apartment Records

While it’s been a slack summer for updates it is because we have actually been a bit busy with some other bizness, in my case it’s been getting the latest ISM label off the ground. After much fretting, headaches and general stress, today, fully functioning tests of the debut release on my Apartment Records imprint landed in my hands so it feels like the time is right to give a heads up.

Apartment [zero] is the work of London based NCW – the less said about him the better – and I’m not gonna give much promo spin on here, just check out the samples below. Stripped back house musaks with a quirky bent…

Apartment [Zero] by Apartment Records

I’ll have some more updates closer to the release date, and there is already plenty more in the pipeline for upcoming releases including work from artists that our regular readers will be familiar with. That’s it for now.

Coming Soon on Apartment Records…

Apartment [zero] NCW – Panther Veil

12inch only.


  1. Tom says:

    Cool, best of luck with this. Nice variety of tracks there. Like the sound of “Panther” in particular.

  2. On Hold says:

    What kind of styles can we expect from Apartment Records in the future?
    Will it be across the board, or focused on laid back grooves?
    Italo? 😉

    Liking panther the most out of the 3, nice kettle-ish whistling sample going on there, airy sounding!

  3. Kenny says:

    Across the board. house, techno, electro and maybe some other oddities too 😉
    It won’t be focused on any one sound, that’s boring imo.

  4. Heh awesome. Congrats. I won’t spill the beans on NCW, but I have slept on his flor, and knew his ex-wife before he did, and I share my birthday (today!) with her.

    I even know what the ‘C’ in NCW stands for — it’s CUNT.

  5. Kenny says:

    LOL. happy bday, kent.

  6. frank says:

    i really cannot wait to have this on vinyl.

  7. gmos says:

    NCW = New Cunt Wave ? ;P

  8. ncw says:

    thanks Kent – can I use you as a reference on my CV?


  9. Dean says:

    Panther is a beast in fairness

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