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Blindsign Transmission 0001

A new mix project from me, after some time away from the turntables. I’ll be trying to put a new mix up every month.

First one is a hot mix of house, disco and new wave hits featuring Polyphonic Size, Cave Paintings, Noleian Reusse, Meschi, Vision, The Shortwave Mystery & Marvin Belton.

Blindsign Transmission 0001

Here’s the tracklist:
Polyphonic Size – Parties Dance
Gregory Kitt – Off & Off
Deutscher Kaiser – Tempo! Tempo!
Fun Fun – Happy Station Bonus Track
Noleian Reusse – Black Teckno B1
Andy Blake – Cave Paintings 2Y
Velodrome – Capataz
Arbeid Adelt! – Capita Selecta
Marvin Belton – Love Will Find A Way (Dark Dub)
Vision – Love Dance
Quando Quango – Love Tempo (Mix)
Quince & Benny Rodrigues – Sweet Potatoes
Gosub – Pulse Direction Miami
Meschi – East Coast Way
Unit 9 – Optics
Fehlfarben – Ein Jahr
Shortwave Mystery – Signals
Blue Garden – Red Jungle


  1. Kenny says:

    Half way through and loving it. T/L desperately needed 🙂

  2. Barry says:

    Nice one – some killers on there…

  3. jonny5 says:

    Cheers fellas. Tracklist added.

  4. gmos says:

    this was great, only a handful of tunes that were familiar

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