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Words of Support for the “Techno Rebel”

As some of the subscribers to the 313 mailing list may already know, Dan Sicko, the author of the book “Techno rebels”–the seminal work about the beginnings of techno/dance scene in Detroit during the late ’70s/early ’80’s, and the creative force behind the Moodmat blog–is very ill. ┬áDetails regarding Dan Sicko’s current condition are on Matt Sicko’s blog here. If you’d like to contribute to Dan’s hospice fund, you can do so at this link. All the best to Dan Sicko and his family from all of us here at Infinitestatemachine.


  1. oost says:

    Read over on LD that he passed away this morn.

  2. detroitio says:

    here’s a feature on Dan in the Detroit Free Press: .

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