Record Review: Innergaze

I thought I would try and put out a record review as there are quite a lot of new records out there getting me a bit excited at the moment. It’s a little hard to know where to start as there are so many coming out at the moment that I’m into.

I came across Innergaze last year with the LP ‘We are strange loops’ on Touch Your Life Records. This album was ticking a lot of boxes for me, it had a kind of raw, lo-fi, recorded on a cassette kind of sound, some great synth work and beats, a bit experimental but in a way that you still want to dance to it, a bit like it was made for an early 80s sci-fi or zombie movie.

The group is made up of video artist Aurora Halal and Jason Letkiewicz who’s put a few well received records out in his own right under the guise of Steve Summers.

The pair’s new ‘Shadow Disco’ 12″ release on 100% Silk is really hitting the spot for me. It keeps the raw edge of the album but comes with a bit more of a polished disco tone added onto spaced sci-fi electro sound. The title track is a real winner for the dancefloor, a great groove from the live sounding drums and bass and the lead synth line is just perfect. You’ve also got a couple of smacked-out slow jams and a more uptempo percussive disco track on there. My pick is the deeper cut on the b-side ‘What’s Your Body Doing Tonight?’ with its low slung synth bass line and wonderful synthesised atmospherics, vocals sounding like a classic Baldelli wrong-speeder.


  1. Kenny says:

    100% Silk/Not Not Fun are one of “those” labels for me. I like what I hear sometimes but I just never buy. I think we all have them. That live clip is great. I also found that “by design” ep – i think its that one, which ever has the innercity cover and “classic house” knock offs – to be something another label wouldn’t have gotten away with, but 100% Silk are cool enough to at the mo. The snarky cynic in me has that record as one bought by peeps who are too cool to actually listen to the music it stems from. if ya get me. i’m having a very cranky sunday morning here. sorry. 😛

  2. jonny5 says:

    Its fair enough to be a bit cynical about these labels, I am too, although I really liked the Peaking Lights lp on not not fun recently too but didn’t buy anything on there before that. I don’t know the Innergaze guys personally but Jason L used to be in Manhunter with Ari from Beautiful Swimmers when the CBS was going, those guys definitely had an appreciation for where their music came from – not hipsters for sure. Check this dope Beautiful Swimmers mix posted on djhistory by the way if you didn’t already:

  3. Kenny says:

    Yeah, as I said I have heard music on these labels that i’ve quite liked (this one you reviewed being one). just not purchased. can’t get everything, it was just that one release i mention in the above post that irked. Yup, Jason does a lot of good music, i just discovered one or 2 boogie things he did on Future Times and like his steve summers shit, even if neither are particularly ground breaking. fun music. big fan of beautiful swimmers. “oh yeah” is one of my favourite tracks of the last couple of years. brilliant eps outta those guys.

  4. Tom says:

    ‘Way of Life’ on the Innergaze EP is lovely, good release. Pretty formidable label so far.

    Fuckin’ price-y pieces of wax though.

  5. gmos says:

    aye, big fan of beautiful swimmers here too! hope to see them in Dublin in the New Year?! 🙂

    also, think the Rhythm Based Lovers is Jason L as well innit? that 7″ on Future Times is excellent

  6. Kenny says:

    yeah, that was the one nic played in your house a few weeks back. want. want.

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