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Coming soon…Apartment [Three] NCW – Pharoah And The Goose

What with summer time being a bit of a lull period in music while everyone gets their holidays and festivals on come September it’s gonna be time to get things rolling again on all things Apartment. NCW, the man behind the first release, returns with a somewhat different beast of a record. Jazz and deep techno get a work out this time around with two tranced out 12 minute jams. Y’all can check out the samples below for a taste of what’s to come at the beginning of September…more info closer to the date…

Apartment [Three]

NCW – Pharoah And The Goose

A – Untitled

AA – Untitled

Release: September 2012

12 Inch Vinyl Only.


  1. ncw says:

    “the man”

  2. anaX says:

    perfect !

  3. c6h12o6 says:

    Really into this record. The A-side deconstruction of Creator Has A Master Plan makes me teary eyed.

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