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Out now: Bande Apartment – Rita, Kate And You Too

Bande A side 800x800

After many delays (what’s new eh), the latest Apartment 12″ is finally out in the world. Bande Apartment is what we like to call the label’s In-house Disco Mechanics, comprising of Tr One and New Jackson, two (three?) of Ireland’s premier producers of the moment. For this release the label has ventured away from original productions, with the guys going to work on some old disco numbers – one side is a work-out of a super rare offering from the Educating Rita soundtrack by David Hentschel (discogs owners = 4) while the b-side takes apart Kikrokos’ sorta awful “Dirty Kate and Jungle Dj”. It’s been causing some mayhem on Irish dancefloors for a lil while now so really chuffed to finally have it out there.

Here be the samples

It’s now available at Juno, Decks, Deejay, Rubadub, Phonica, Kristina Records, Redeye, Diamonds and Pearls, Grampahone in Chicago and for Japanese readers in Jetset, Lighthouse and Technique amongst other fine vinyl emporiums around the world. If yer local store ain’t got it yet, all you gotta do is ask 🙂

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