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Jitterbug in Dublin tomorrow night, Apt00 Repress plus a couple of other tings…


Tomorrow night sees the Dublin debut of one of ISM’s more stealth operators, Jitterbug. Never one for fanfare, Jitter has quietly been sneaking out some killer music over the last few years, mostly via Uzuri, with his Arcane Theory ep from this time last year being a standout release. He also featured recently on  this excellent Metrolux V/A 12″, so we are pretty chuffed to be having us play for our monthly soiree, Gary’s Gang. As with all our parties, it’s free in, and runs late down in the Basement of Sweeney Mongrel on Dame Street. Warm up comes from the gang’s Phil Long of Slowburn. Here be the Facebook page

For the more foolhardy crew out there the Gary’s Gang crew will be taking over the Breakfast Club on Saturday morning from 7am until 1pm in The Dark Horse, again with Jitterbug hitting the decks alongside Shane O’Meara and Paudi Ahern.

Next up, just a lil heads up to say that I’ve repressed the first Apartment 12 from 2011, Panther Veil by NCW. The 12 picked up a bit of steam at the end of last year and with quite a few requests and faintly silly asking prices appearing on Discogs it is now currently back in stock at Juno, Decks, Diamonds and Pearls and a few other places. If your regular shop don’t have it, just ask 🙂

Also, NCW has got a brand new 12″ out on Ali Renault’s new Vivod label. It’s a fancy pants screen printed limited thingy featuring the cold wave pop of Golden backed with the Michael Bundt-esque Lands. He’s helped along by the charmingly titled Piss on the killer A-side. There’s only 150 of these so don’t sleep!

Not long after making my post yesterday some more upcoming heat from Ireland reared it’s head. Cork based producer Colm K has  a new ep The Love dropping later this month and here is a taster from it, an awesome low-slung boogie/funk jam called Spaced. Perfectly timed for the arrival of summer (we hope)

Moving away from Ireland for a moment, the Chicago based Argot has just dropped it’s latest release from Detroit newcomer Elizebeth Merrick-Jefferson, Urban Off Road, which is a high tempo house 12, which reminds me of how John Heckle takes Chicago influences and gives them a modern update with some especially sweet melodic work on the B2 cut, Astronomical Twilight, the video of which you can see below. This is my favourite release from the Argot imprint thus far and it gives us another hot new artist to be keeping an eye on over the coming years.

Finally, former ISM guest dj Platinum Ray has dropped another superb mix, this time for the Inside The Box site, which you can grab over here. Contains a few favourites of my own, including the killer Chaz Jankel cut that I’ve linked below. Alongside our own Gmos, I reckon Platters is Dublin’s best kept secret. This is perfect for the sun that has finally decided to make an appearance this week. Get on it.

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