Psychick Warriors ov Gaia 1989 EP

Industrial occult experimentalists attend an acid house rave in the late 80s..
“Probably silly but it only then occurred to us that the dance could be a powerful tool too, a way to communicate on a physical level, a way to celebrate life. A niche had opened and this was something we had to explore…”
– With that they joined a fairly large group of industrial or post punk bands that discovered the power of dance music in this period. The results of this revelation here are an oozing sweating mass of techno, originally released as a cassette. It has been lovingly restored and released on vinyl for the first time by Sacred Summits, ready to be unleashed on a dance floor..


  1. frank says:

    good lookin’ out. i definitely fucks with some PWOG. notably this and this gonna have to check out this 1989 thing. i wonder how different the version of Exit 23 is from the one on this

    it’s a little weird how many PWOG records i have, now that i look at them all in one place.

  2. jonny5 says:

    Frank, the version of Exit 23 is not that different – although it has been nicely remastered. The other tracks will be of interest though.

  3. Tom Lawton says:

    I’m more of a fan of this joint

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