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Mix: Wobbly Leg Syndrome


My latest mix was broadcast on John Heckle’s Universal Frequency show on KMAH a couple of days ago and is up now for streaming / download on Soundcloud. John is up for the first hour with set of lush deep techno and electro and I take over for the second with music from the likes of Glenn Underground, Shackleton, Phantom Planet Outlaws, Objekt, Dj Funk and so on…

Dj Slugo – Wouldn’t You Like to be a Hoe
Underground Resistance – UR 046
Turbo Tom – Stanky beats
Dj Godfather – Work That!
JItterbug – koko
Glenn Underground – Beyond
Boo Williams – Snare Tappin
Dj Funk – Booty Perk U Later
Dj Deeon – Work This M.F.
Mr De’ – Give it up (dub mix)
Mr De’ – Pay Me
Scan 7 – I am from Detroit
Surgeon – Transparent Radiation
Pev & Kowton – Raw Code (Surgeon Rmx)
The Stitch Up – The Stitch Up
Sean Deason – Halogen (Rob Belleville Rmx)
Head Front Panel – #2
Jeff Mills – Basic Human Design
Phantom Planet Outlaws – Green Light
Planetary Assualt Systems – Whoodoo
Numbercult – Landlines
Shackleton – Freezing Opening Thawing
Heatsick / Sensate focus – Y

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