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Tim Jackiw – Science Of Sound


The arguments for and against the current craze for re-issues have been made many times before so we’ll skip over that when discussing Australian producer Tim Jackiw’s Science of Sound 12″ that Discogs tells us was first released in 1997. I have no other information on the release or producer past what Discogs says and it seems to be the sort of obscure record that just stayed obscure, no crazy asking prices in the market place or – to my knowledge – some Dj bringing it back to the public’s attention. And it also seems to have been in the pipeline since 2011.

It’s also noteworthy that the main track, the beautiful and immense “No Destination (Third Phase)” is the sort of 1990s deep techno that the revivalist / reissue boat has so far generally missed. It brings to mind artists such as Underground Resistance, Stephen Brown – most notably this Earl Brown release –  and Ian O’Brien with its flickers of electronic saxophone and lush key play. This sort of music doesn’t really fit into the current narratives that techno is pursuing which is unfortunate in terms of new music coming out – as it is limited in this style – so unearthing a lost gem from what one could argue is the golden era of Techno will have to do for today.


  1. Dave B says:

    Cracking tune this one. Loving it.

  2. Nathan says:

    Label was set up by Tim’s friend Jason Martin. Both Adelaide boys. I think both are now living in Melbourne. Also used to do a show in Adelaide many years ago called China Syndrome. Was the first time I’d heard techno on the radio.

  3. Kenny says:

    Ah, thanks for that lil bit of info!

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