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Mix – Massive Carl’s M5 Mixtape / Bloc Mixxx


My latest mix is for the Bloc Weekend festival which is taking place this weekend over in Butlins in Minehead in the UK. Apartment and Lunar Disko will be taking over the Pub Venue on the Saturday of the festival from 7pm to Midnight featuring myself, Tr One, Automatic Tasty and John Heckle.

At this stage the festival has had a fairly storied history from it’s beginnings in a run down Holiday camp outside Norwich to larger events in Minehead and a controversial attempt to stage the festival in London in 2012, with it now returning for it’s final Weekender back in Minehead. The festival circuit has changed quite a bit since it started nearly 10 years ago but while many of the big names on this year’s line up appear at many other festivals now, there is a unique character to Bloc that made it a vital weekend for many. It’s been quite a few years since I’ve attended and while I ain’t gonna start shedding any tears, it’s pretty exciting to be returning for one more round, and to be getting to play some records…

The Hasbeens – Maybe (Dub)
The Blotnik Brothers – Electro Manifesto (Beats on Demand)
VernoN – Juke Joint
Nitzer Ebb vs Thomas P. Heckmann – Join In The Chant (Knarz is Machine)
Delta Funktionen – Hurt Me
Blake Baxter – One More Time (Acid mix)
Vinalog – Addiction
Cerrone – Supernature – (Reese Remake)
Gene Hunt – Tazz
Morgan Geist – The Idiot Track
Compassion Crew – Masters of the Gentlemanly Art (Leisure Connection Remix)
Chase Smith – Mala Jaska
Dj Funk – Run (U.K.)
The Clash – Rock The Casbah
Dj Funk – Pump It (Erk-N-Jerk Mix)
E-Dancer – Pump The Move
Skudge – Overture (Jared Wilson’s Cass Corridor Treatment)
Drexciya – Antivapor Waves
October – Black Narcissist
Visonia – Impossible Romance

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