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Guest Mix – Jamie Thomson (Magnetic Radio)


Well, well, well its time for another installment in the most Sporadic Mix Series on the Internet. This time around we are handing over the reigns to a man from the soundest part of the UK (oohh, topical), Scotsman Jamie Thomson. He’s a man long in the game and while may be not as well known as the likes of fellow Glasgow dwellers Harri and Domenic Capello, this mans knowledge and collection runs seriously deep. He’s been on my radar since way way back in the Little Detroit days (forums – ask your parents, kids) so I was chuffed when this mix landed in my chatbox earlier in the week. He delivers up a smooth and unhurried mix of house with some choice electro along the way, including a personal all time favourite, Genetic by Wild Planet.

You can currently check Jamie on the wireless internet radio station Radio Magnetic, based in Glasgow, with his Saturday Manatee show. Before checking that sit back and let this mix get in yer head. Tracklist below the mix

Bobo Eyes & Plush Throw – Plushbo

Awanto 3 – Pregnant

Taron-Trekka – Purple Magic

DaRand Land – Dimension Between

The Other People Place – Sorrow And A Cup Of Joe

Huerco S – Transit (See See Rider)

S. Moreira – Elevate

Jun Kamoda – Exitus

Smallpeople – Rites Of Passage

B.M.U. – U Will Know (C.J. Macintosh Lyrical Dub)

Project Pablo – Warm Priority

Local Artist – Place 1

Anton Zap – BYE

Q3A – Space Chamber A1

Gherkin Jerks – Blast Off

Gesloten Cirkel – Charming

Kirk Degiorgio – A Way Of Life

Dan Curtin – Tribena Planitia

Anno Stamm – Charge It Up To My Account

Gesloten Cirkel – Perron

E.R.P. – Eagle Nebula

Wildplanet – Genetic

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