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Nu Era – Geometricks EP

The storied career of Marc Mac could fill up a few blog posts; the versatile producer probably most famous as being one of the founding members of 4 Hero has been active since the late 80s across multiple genres. I’m gonna pass up on writing up a hagiography of the guy and cut straight to the chase with his latest 12″, Geometricks, as Nu Era. While this decade has seen two Nu Era albums be released, getting this material on wax is much rarer, so its little surprising that the bandcamp sales went flying out the door in a matter of days. It also feels like techno music in the form of songs like Space Above Us is even rarer these days. With more and more techno being catered for big spaces, this is intricate funk that also works as a dance floor bomb. Imagine that, sausage brigade, not a filter in sight!

The remaining 3 tracks shows no let up in the quality, with Mac’s trademark sounds spread across songs that touch on electro, broken beat and deep house. Loose, shuffling drums match up perfectly with the easy, fluid  key playing that sounds so effortless it only helps to wrap the whole project in a sense of free wheeling joy. That it feels counter to so much of what is going on in club culture at the moment, the cynicism, the economics, the naval gazing, makes it an even more vital release.

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