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Norm Talley mixes

Since I haven’t been around to contribute much (or at all) on here yet, I though I’d start with a couple of mixes Norm sent a little while back.

One Disco classics, one House.

Disco Classics

Deep House


  1. pipecock says:

    alright! good way to kick off your posting, Lee, DLing the mixes now…. Norm is one of my favorite deejays, he always kills it.

  2. cygn says:

    thanks! i’ve been looking for norm talley mixes a while ago, without success. what’s the name of the tune @ 11:00 in the deep house mix?

  3. jitterbug says:

    excellent, been wanting to check out some of his mixes for ages, cheers for posting.

    got the deep house one on the headphones now (it’s 1am here otherwise i’d have it on the speakers!)

  4. lerosa says:

    thanks! what the hell is tune starting at 16:05 in the deep house mix? immense.

  5. lerosa says:

    the Disco classics mix is tops…could do with a tracklist…u got me love dancing… 🙂

  6. Bazisz says:

    @ lerosa: track in 16 min is B1 oin this one:
    would realy like to know the track from 33 min (deep house mix)

    Thank you for both mixes and thank you for great music blog

  7. cygn says:

    tracklist for the disco mix:

    00:00 Locksmith – Far Beyond
    02:00 ?
    06:00 ?
    10:30 Loose Joints – Is It All Over My Face
    17:00 Stephanie Mills – Put Your Body In It
    20:00 Crown Heights Affair – Dreaming A Dream
    24:00 Change – Angel In My Pocket
    30:00 T-Connection – At Midnight
    32:30 Diana Ross – Erucu
    34:40 People’s Choice – Here We Go Again (?)
    38:00 Musique – Keep On Jumpin’ (Extended Mix)
    45:00 Carrie Lucas – Dance With You
    48:45 Shalamar – Right In The Socket
    52:00 Rare Pleasure – Let Me Down Easy

  8. pipecock says:

    technically “Erucu” is by Jermaine Jackson despite appearing on the Mahogany OST:

  9. lerosa says:

    @ Bazisz, thanks!

    @ cygn, thank you too! L.

  10. Joe Minns says:

    Hi Lee!!

  11. Bazisz says:

    @ cygn, if you still looking for track from 11 min it’s:

  12. Bogdan says:

    nice mixes 🙂

  13. meschi says:

    very very nice mixes here man. cheers. any possibility of a tracklist for the deep house mixxxxx? if not, no troubles

    cheers again


  14. romeo jones says:

    the 2nd track on that disco mix is “Sun Sun Sun by Ja kki :

    great mixes! cheers to the infinitestatemachine crew.

  15. Jacob says:

    The disco selection is remarkably similar to that on the Larry Levan mix they dug up and released a few years back:

    (not that this is a bad thing, obv)

  16. Joost Starborough says:

    Listening to the deep mixx again and again. Lovely stuff. Thanks so much for these!

  17. gmos says:

    Jacob said “The disco selection is remarkably similar to that on the Larry Levan mix they dug up and released a few years back:

    I heard recently that the Strut label will be starting up again soon, easily one of the best of those type of labels.

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